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    I regret to inform you that a significant number of people disagree with you, which is why IC2 was designed the way it is. Every mod is designed to cater to different people, so it is unavoidable that there will be mods which make design decisions that you don't like. Part of life is learning how to cope with this by simply using the mods you like and not using the mods you dislike. You didn't pay for IC2, so there's zero obligation from IC2 to cater to your personal desires, especially when stated in such fashion.

    It sure would be nice if version 1.25 could be uploaded to CurseForge, or at the very least if the OP could be updated with it. It's so frustrating getting the latest version of Fastcraft from the topic or CurseForge and then having stuff crash because it doesn't work with the latest Optifine.

    There is a lava centrifugation recipe, which outputs tungsten nuggets and other things. Nuggets can be crafted into ingots, then into plates by using some rotating machine. Then 12 tungsten plates can be crafted into crucible and plates mold to smelt more tungsten. This looked doable by using steam machines, so I "declared" this as a major project and did it. It only took some pipes, distilled water tank, lava tank, 1 titanium burning box, 1 chrome boiler, 1 steel turbine, 1 steel centrifuge and 1 twilight forest for charcoal. GregTech is fun :)

    You should write a guide on the wiki documenting this clever way of sneaking up to tungsten tier crucibles!

    It should be trivially easy to tell GT tools apart from vanilla tools by just looking at the tooltip. GT tools have a rather distinctive tooltip.

    I have been able to place torches with Obisidian pickaxes but not with Stone ones.
    Intended ?

    Greg does not replace vanilla tools with his own tools. Therefore stone pickaxes are vanilla pickaxes and therefore they suck.
    I recommend using this minetweaker script to replace vanilla stone tools with gregtech stone tools.

    Ok, thanks for clarification, I was expecting that for that reasons :)
    Well, completely lit rooms are good, except that vanilla allows zombies spawn on that, too. It is called "Village sieges" (or something like that), kinda rare, but then they ignore light completely and spawn in big groups around villagers. So I see it as "if golems can spawn, also zombies". Well, we will deal with that, I guess :)

    (Maybe you also can add later some entity-type selectable Tesla coil, that aspect of IC2 is kinda....forgotten xD )

    Zombie sieges were broken as of MC 1.4.7 and only fixed in MC 1.8. So in GT6 in MC 1.7.10, there are no zombie sieges unless you have a mod that fixes them.

    What if crystallization crucible could be used for making gems from gem dusts?

    One of the reasons I wanted Greg to add the crystallization crucible is because it can be used to create most crystals, including sapphires for example. But instead Greg only added the silicon (and that other red thing) boules, and not boules for anything else. So basically, the only reason you can't use the crystallization crucible to make boules of other gems is because Greg is a lazy bum.

    This Setup would never work, the Automatic Circuit is only supposed to work on directly adjacent Machines. The only thing that this Setup does is distribute the Laser Energy better across multiple Engravers if you had multiple ones. (if only one of them is running at a time)

    Is there at least a way to toggle a machine using redstone? I tried several things myself and searched your entire changelog, but was unable to find anything. (no stuff from IC2 does not count)

    1 Peat (forestry) in invar burning box, heating steel oven, is enough to smelt 124 items. Wow! That's more than lava bucket in vanilla furnace and much faster.

    25 ticks per smelt at 16 HU/t means 400 HU per smelt. A piece of fuel gives 5000 HU per smelt in the invar burning box, which means you can smelt 12.5 times as much stuff using a burning box + steel oven compared to a vanilla furnace.

    Bug report!

    1., 100, 100, 100

    Max tomatos give Regeneration 101, unfortunately if you bothered reading into how Regeneration works you'd see that the level is modulo 32, so the effective level is actually 5, which means it restores 1 health every 3 ticks (yes, I tested this). The highest regen that you can get is an effective level of 6 (5 in your code) which gives 1 health per tick. Please fix so that max tomatos can be properly OP, and not nerfed due to your inability to understand Regeneration.

    I tried appliedenergistics2-rv3-beta-6. The same problem: GT6 charged certus quartz cannot be used to craft meteorite compass. It seems to be registered only as 'gemChargedCertusQuartz'. I don't see problems with normal GT6 certus quartz. I guess, a workaround will be as before: certus quartz => charged certus quartz in electrolyzer, because AE2 charged certus quartz is registered only as 'craftingQuartz' and 'itemCertusQuartz'.

    Or you can use minetweaker to replace the AE2 recipes with proper oredicted versions.

    Or alternatively submit a PR to AE2 to use the oredict in those recipes.

    no, its not fair. The kinetic wind generators are just OP. Should be nerfed.

    It's actually that the nuclear reactors are simply weak. I did some math with greg earlier based on the energy density of coal and how much HU you can get from it via burning boxes, and I figured out that 1 ingot of nuclear grade uranium (not pure uranium-235, that is weapons grade), should give about 100 billion HU.

    For future reference, one unit of greg energy is approximately 100kJ in real life.