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  • Modpack permissions

    I just want to let you know that i want to use your Mod (Fastcraft) in my Modpack.

    Thank you for this great mod !

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  • Are there any known conflicts with optifine/other mods in the latest version? After playing on my world for a while, the game starts to have massive delay when doing anything other than walking, but it gets fixed when I reload chunks (eg going to the nether or exiting and re-entering). I'm not really sure what's causing it and the logs don't show much

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  • The 1.10 version will take a while, it's tricky.

    Can you post test builds of 1.10.2 version? so we can test it and send crash reports.

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  • please make 1.10.2 fastcraft, i can't even open my world right! it lags so much, so i need fastcraft for 1.10.2!

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  • Player, just give date of the releasing test build of 1.10.2. i check this website everyday just for fastcraft 1.10.2!

    Sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the Nation -Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK

  • Player, just give date of the releasing test build of 1.10.2. i check this website everyday just for fastcraft 1.10.2!

    No offence dude, but I silently check this forum every day as well and am getting tired of seeing you harass for a mod update. Player will update when he has the time to. I'm sure he has a life, which is way more important than releasing fastcraft for 1.8, 1.9, or 1.10. He could release in 2017 and life will still go on. Posting here once every couple days wont change the fact that making minecraft mods takes time. He is the author of the mod and I am sure is well aware that his mod is very useful, and that many people probably rely on the mod. So chill out, and wait like the rest of us, patiently.

  • Hey Player

    I recently have my clients crash with an error

    java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 65535


    I've seen that you solved this issue with fastcraft and NEID?
    Did he changed anything again? Or do I have an old version of fastcraft without this fix?

  • Please update to 1.10.2. I need it for my server and own Minecraft cause with 70 mods it's painfull to play in server without Fastcraft

  • Hello player!

    First I wanted to thank you for that really great mod of yours. I'm playing on MC-1.7.10 with 275 mods installed and fastcraft is really a huge improvement of performance with it's optimized renderers and geometry-logic. Dealing with 275 mods I would have a tiny "feature-request", more like a little favor of yours. The game crashes sometimes with a concurrent modification exception in the entity-renderer.

    So what I wanted to ask is, if you could please insert a try-catch clause around the entity-render-code that iterates over the entity-tracker Arraylist and in case of a CME just skip the rest of the list entirely and return as if nothing happened. (I would be really glad to have my entities just "flicker" for one display-frame instead of having to wait about 10 minutes (~2 minutes for the game to save the data + generate the crash report, ~6,5min to restart Minecraft and about 1-2 minutes until all hooks of the 275 mods have fired again to load the map after a mc-coldstart) each time this conflict occures. Sometimes I can play for weeks without a crash, but today there were 3 crashed in a row with that particular CME. As far as I can see from the code, the entity-renderer only accesses the Arraylist by reading (not writing), so it should (in my humble opinion) not do any bad to just skip the entity rendering for one frame - please correct me, if I'm wrong in that assumption.

    Thank you very much in advance and please keep up the great work! :)