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  • I would like to request an overhaul of thaumcraft's research system that makes it so that you have to do research to access recipes normally made without any research, including gregtech machines and vanilla items and blocks. Of course you would need to have it so that all of the recipes to start with thaumcraft are possible without doing research, as that would halt any progression in thaumcraft, minecraft and/or gregtech. Other mods that I would like to be integrated include: blood magic, extra utilities, buildcraft, computercraft, botania, and draconic evolution. Extra utilities and draconic evolution should be a late game research while blood magic and botania should be fairly early. Of course, they should all be present throughout the progression, but I want the more OP mods to be more difficult to get to. I realize that I'm asking a lot. I hope that it's not too much. Please, if at all possible, let me know how long you think this might take you, if and when you accept.

    Making all Mods only accessible via Thaumcraft is not a good Idea. I thinking Thaumcraft is a magical mod and only magical items have to be inside this book. Every other things I like to see inside the Gregtech machines. Making the Scripts for all the mods cost a lot of time. I working on a hard modded GT Based Pack for more than 6 month and i have only 60 % done. If you have plans to change recipes is to look into the Minetweaker forum and asking here if you have a question and make some own Recipes (i can post this on git if you want). I dont have the time for a second big project sorry.
    If you want to try a pack where many recipes are already in the Pack you can testing my Pack. Send me a pm and i can give you the link to the Pack.

    Minetweaker and Mod Tweaker Forum link

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    [Minetweaker 3 GT Addon] Gregtech 5 Addon 0.7.2 - Adding custom Recipes for all Gregtech 5 machines [Now with Fusion Reactor]

    Modpack Site New Horizons
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    Forcing people down Thaumcraft to do Vanilla stuff is mean, and you'd most likely run out of aspects even with Greg's million and one items. Theoretically it would be doable though.

    A gazillion deconstruction tables would be the result of that.

  • Draconic evolution is the Dartcraft of 1.7.10, there's no way to balance it without stupid recipes purely to be inhibitingly expensive.
    Botania is hard to do as well with the crafting mechanics largely being one of the mod's features, changing them would be hard to keep the feel.
    Blood Magic would have a similar problem with alter recipes not being changeable (I don't think).

    Forcing people down Thaumcraft to do Vanilla stuff is mean, and you'd most likely run out of aspects even with Greg's million and one items. Theoretically it would be doable though.

    I was actually just wanting the script so that I could play with it in single player. I'm not forcing others to do thaumcraft to progress, but rather I am forcing myself to do thaumcraft to progress. I'm sorry if my request was misinterpreted.

  • dreammaster: I'm still new to minetweaker but when using your forestry script with the latest forestry and GT5U there's a long list of blocks that can't be crafted (most are made in the carpenter):
    apiarist's chest
    arborist's chest
    bio generator
    lepidotorist's chest
    trade station
    stamp collector
    scented paneling
    bee house

    There may be others I missed. I haven't been able to work out what the issue is. Any thoughts?

    I'm also running your extrabees script. I hadn't looked at that yet for potential issues.

    Also using MyEternity's thermal expansion script results in basic tier machines not having recipes not having their recipes in NEI (machine crafting isn't listed when checking a machine's recipe, only upgrade crafting).

  • willis936

    My Carpenter Recipes using often Time molten Redstone or honey. Is the Recipes are shown in the output slot?. If yes it can be crafted it but need a lot of time because it isnt balanced yet.
    Witch script you are using?. Can you send me your Modlist (Screenshoot) and your script (is there any minetweaker log error?)
    About Thermal Expansion scripts i cant say any thing because i not using this mod.

  • Carpenter recipes require NEI Integration to be able to see, don't they ?

    Are they really uncraftable or can you just NOT see them ?

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  • The apiary and apiarist's chest is craftable but not in NEI. I think most recipes are there but for some reason get blown away. Also most of those are shaped crafting. Is there a trick to get NEI to update? If there is this would also fix the thermal expansion issues I'm having. The thaumcraft scripts called mods.thaumcraft.Research.refreshResearchRecipe a bunch of times but I think that may be a modtweaker/thaumcraft specific thing. The railcraft script imports NEI but never does anything with it. Maybe I'll try that.

    Actually that probably won't work since the thermal expansion script imports NEI but it has similar issues with machine crafting.

    UPDATE: I deleted the thermal expansion config and the machine crafting reappeared. I must have touched something I shouldn't have. Investigating with forestry now...

    It's interesting that this is a fix considering the recipes show up in NEI if minetweaker isn't used.

    It worked for thermal expansion but not the forestry recipes.

    Thermal expansion was fixed by changing the reference to the steel gear from ore:gearGtAnySteel to ore:gearSteel. It has some other issues and I'm adding a few comments. I'll see about uploading it tonight. Hopefully someone will have some insight on the forestry stuff :p

  • I adding your Script update to git.

  • I'm sure someone out there is interested in this: I updated your extra utilities script to work with version 1.2.2 (newer versions wouldn't work with my pack) and GT5U. Gregtech machine references and compressor recipes had to be updated (compressed items are now working, had to add the recipes). I commented out the harvestcraft fabric and just used wool instead because I don't use harvestcraft. I also made the chandelier require a basic repellator. Lastly I commented out the bedrockium ingot recipe since it seems fair and an alternative wasn't actually in place.

    Hope this helps anyone google searching out there.

  • I suppose I will ask this question here, it doesn't really fit in any of the listed categories… Is there a place, other than running Gregtech in an instance of minecraft, to get the latest default configs, to see what options not to ask for in greg's forum among other things?

  • Now the Molds and Extruder Shapes need aTinkers Construct Smeltery. Maybe Greg will kill me for that ;)

    For me I changed the mB of metal required to make a gear from 576 to 864 so it's equivalent to 6 ingots instead of 4. Gear casts may be convenient but they shouldn't also be the most material efficient way to make gears when the best you can do otherwise is 6 ingots.

    Also I recommend adding this line to the TiC script because it fixes the ability to skip LV altogether with TiC aluminium. You can still make and use TiC aluminium in a smeltery early on with bauxite but you need GT aluminium to make GT materials and as a result still need an EBF. You can also still convert between the two through maceration if it's really necessary.

    // --- Fix GT aluminium progression ---