[GT-5.09.** & Minetweaker/Crafttweaker Addon] Addon Version 1.7.5- Adding custom Recipes for all Gregtech 5 machines (Now with Fusion Reactor and Ordict support)

  • Then it must be something else that is crashing my gregtech during transion from postinitialisation to availiable, or it a first startup thing.


    [20:03:52] [Client thread/ERROR] [IguanaTweaksTConstruct]: Could not find material for modification: Nether Quartz
    [20:03:52] [Client thread/INFO] [IguanaTweaksTConstruct]: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your pickaxes and axes will break no blocks.

    [20:03:55] [Client thread/ERROR] [FML]: Fatal errors were detected during the transition from POSTINITIALIZATION to AVAILABLE. Loading cannot continue
    UCHIE gregtech{MC1710} [GregTech] (gregtech-5.09.11.jar)

    but I can't remember to have read about crashes that way.

    Then it must be something else that is crashing my gregtech during transion from postinitialisation to availiable, or it a first startup thing.

    but I can't remember to have read about crashes that way.

    I think this isnt a Tinkers Issue.

    Did you using Forestry 3.6?

    The Bees from Gt need Forestry 4.1 to work otherwise disabled it in the config.

    I have some similar Issue too but with this spare Infos i cant work.

    Maybe post it on Blood Asps Git Repo

  • Yeah, it was the bees, shame I can't leave they activated, because I want to play a bit wit gendustry and extra bees, and both aren't updated yet, but at least, all the Rest works fine so far, waiting for the first gregtech start to finsh processing all the mods.

    Edit Foresty 3.6.12 is easy to overlook, because it is beween Forstry 4.x releases, that my help, with some Forstery issues, if you missed it.

  • If you want to play with bees you can do it with this scripts. Gendystry give the Feature to make your own Bees.




    GT take over only this bees from the script . The original Scripts come from Beyond Realytie or /and Infini Tech pack.

    I made a GT Version 5.09.11 custom where you can using Forestry 3.6 and GT bees but this is a bit hacky.

  • thanks, for the hint, but atm, i have other problems, may be I was a bit too ambitos, but I get only 2 fps and that only spawned in the Map, Virtual Memory from minecraft looks good, but I am afraid my A8-3870K can't handle beeing server and cliend at the same time.

  • Fix all Forestry wood recipes in Gregtech 5.09.12
    Apply to Forestry 4.2.1-unstable or above (Mezz roll-backed to using damage on items as WoodType)
    Fix Gregtech not adding recipe for wood damage values above 15.
    Does what is possible to register plank covers of Forestry Woods recipes, for those existing.
    GregoriusT did not think forward when not leaving room for more WoodTypes.
    Feel free to PR enhancements as you may know ZenScript better than I do.

  • Your recipes looks much more advanced then mien. So i think you have a better knowledge about Zen Script than me :)

    Its possible to add Oredicted recipes directly into Gt Code (Shaped, Shapeless ore in Machines) so not sure if this helps?

  • Sorry to bug you about this, but is there any chance of getting a port for GT 6? I am planning on creating a GT modpack and need to modify some recipes... ModTweaker cannot do it unfortunately, so I need this addon if possible...

  • MT wiki is pure( Where you get info about some "hidden from wiki" function for script?
    I want to create mirrored receipts from Forestry Fermenter to GT Mixer. Can you help?

  • function mods.gregtech.Mixer.addRecipe is dead. Not work. Other receips from wiki works, i tested Lathe.
    OreDict names not work for machine(
    MT 309C
    GT 50912
    GTT 076

    You using a outdated Version. Try to using Minetweaker 3.0.10B and GTTweaker 1.0.9.

    I change the formate the mixer using. The Wiki is for Version 1.0.9

    Oredict entrys not works.

    Hidden functions for scripts ?

    If you want to add recipes from Forestry to GT you have to Minetweaker it for every recipe manually or change it inside the GT Java code.

  • Hidden functions for scripts ?

    Many stuff of scripts are not documented on wiki, that what i mean. It very difficult to understand whithout more info. For example, how can i remove massive of some Items from other massive of items?
    mass1.remove(mass2) maybe.
    About Ferestry saplings: there are no meta for saplins, only names are differense. How can I get massive from oredict? With "<ore:treeSapling>.onlyWithTag(from wiki blablabla)"? We can mind it together after 22-00 Moscow.

  • Krysinski, there aren't easy way to migrate recipes across like that, since mods responsible usually have diffrent format for recipes.
    Though it is certanly possible to declare custom function in MT and use it to assist you with moving item one by one, but it isn't capable of reading recipes, it can only blindly add them or remove.

  • I mean array instead "massive") I understand that i need use every item for create mixer receipt. But i want some little automation for that. Try to explain for you.
    sap = <ore:treeSapling>
    sap1 = items with diff names (forestry saplings). Also they are in <ore:treeSapling> like all saplings.
    sap2 = items with diff names.
    sap3 = items with diff names.
    sap4 = items with diff names.
    sap0 = all items in sap exclude sap1, sap2, sap3, sap4.

    First Input items in sap0-sap4 have a diff output in mixer (biomass)
    Input liquid have 3 diff variants wich affect to output: water, juice, honey.
    Second Input Items have 3
    interchangeable variants (like oredict entries): fertilizer, compoud, mulch
    That are minimum diff records for mixer receipt i believe:

    //sap0 water
    //sap0 juice
    //sap0 honey
    //sap1 water
    //sap1 juice
    //sap1 honey
    //sap2 water
    //sap4 honey
    But i dont know how to use structures like "for item in array {}" to automate my script. Of caurse i can make insane quantity of lines wich will be contain every item. Its unnormal and long time way i think.

  • Krysinski
    Minetweaker supports arrays, but they tricky to use, but you certainly can add items to them to process all at ones later in a loop, I have done that for various cases where I needed to replace a whole set of recipes to new ones with corrected ratios and/or colouring.

  • Hello Krysinski.

    See: http://forestry.sengir.net/wik…u.php?id=energy:fermenter

    Now consider fermenter fuels lasts for 200 or 250 cycles
    Blue Mahoe sapling with honey/fruit juice has a x9 factor.
    A recipe with a single fertilizer on second item input slot woud need:
    input of 12000l (honey/fruit juice)
    250 Blue Mahoe saplings in first item input slot
    and would output 12000 × 9 = 108000l of biomass.

    Issue is:
    * You can not keep fermenter fuels for multiple cycles in a Gregtech chemical reactor so you have to make recipes for a full unit.
    * You can not cut fermenter fuels in smaller parts, (tiny dusts) because there are no GT registered materials for it.
    * There is no way to handle 250 items with max stack size of 64 in a single slot for recipe operation.
    * 108000l of fluid output on a single recipe exceed even the highest tier output tank capacity.

    Now consider, the only possibly valuable outcome of moving fermenter recipes to Gregtech woudl be to force usage of GT EU
    But considering Forestry biomass and bio ethanol are already well balanced on their own, you would need to keep/care of maintaining a decent balance with GT EU as processing power.
    Consider you already have Forestry installed with its own perfectly working machines for processing for this purpose of producing biomass.

    While it make sense to import wood processing recipes in Gregtech machines with Gregtech nerfs and better output, I think fermenter is lots of work with little or no good reason.
    Even porting forestry centrifuge recipes to Gregtech is a questionable choice. You don't put honey combs in an industrial centrifuge, not the same kind of centrifuge you use to process ores, no the same centrifuge you use to process bio samples in labware either.

    Now, yes, you can create arrays of values, even of different values types.
    You in theory also can create associative arrays and data structures but I could not find the proper appropriate syntax.
    MT Wiki also mention ZenScript directives or controls and structures that are not implemented like the include "package.name.zsi" where I would have put some val and var to standardize names. I would have used it to avoid duplicating redeclaring these names in multiples scripts.

  • The output per sapling is actually not the tree type, but the sappiness stat safed in the NBT data. The NEI values only show the defaults.
    I allredy tried to copy the recipe directly into GT but it seems i would need t add a special machine only for that to work. And then that is the case, we can just keep using the forestry fermenter. Since GT can now supply it correctly with RF, it sould be easy to integrate in GT factories.

  • Could you add extractor recipe support?

    I want to roll-back recipe to extract emerald tiny dusts from Bobs-Yer-Uncle-Berry (emerald crop fruit) as it has been removed in GT5E 5.09.16.