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    Let me see if I can clarify a bit. Suppose I've got some Ethylene in ME fluid storage (from Extra Cells). What I'd like to be able to do is use small amounts of it (e.g. 144 L) in processing patterns that involve converting it to one type of plastic (polyethylene, PVC, PTFE, polystyrene, etc.) depending on what I need at the time. As far as I can tell, AE2 and extra cells do not offer me a way to do that. I think it's possible to set up an autocrafting pattern using cells of fluid, but I'd have to fill the cells manually in the fluid terminal, which somewhat defeats the purpose of having an autocrafting pattern, and I'd have to make larger batches of whichever type of plastic. I don't follow how a Thermal Dynamic servo would help with that.

    You can do this exactly with Extracells.

    You code a machine/processing pattern with the exact amount of fluid in a container. Openblock tanks can do, Large Steel/TungstenSteel GT cells can do, and GT++ offers you 144L exact cells.

    Then place your pattern into a fluid export bus to your GT Machine.

    It will export the exact amount of fluid and items to craft using fluid on-demand.

    Question: If everything is chunk loaded, can I build the GT multiblock stuffs over the chunk boundary?

    Railcraft anchors are know to do it just right so it does not cause part of the multi-block to load or unload in a breaking manner. You'd prefer admin anchors to be safe though, and always avoid crossing chunk boundaries to be totally safe. Do not try this with Chickenchunk or FTBMod.

    Unfortunately gold plasma is currently unobtainable in survival, and will probably never be implemented as nuclear fusion into gold atoms (or any element heavier than nickel) uses more energy than it provides so there's not much point either. Though if you're at fusion stage, the currently available few plasmas should be sufficient for your needs.

    You know, Gregtech already takes its own rules against reality with Iron Plasma that have a recipe with positive energy gain.

    In reality Iron fusion takes huge energy amount and it is what cause supernovae. A supernovae start producing heavier elements by fusion while gravity crush it. When it comes to Iron fusion, the reaction absorb all the star energy and in a fraction of second it can not keep up with its own gravity. Star outer materials fall to the core in an instant and it explode in a supernovae.

    What about oilberries? It takes a while to breed them, but it can technically be done with only LV tech.

    It is so much nerfed that, you will need 4 chunks of Oil Berry Crops at y≥120, with 31gain points to power a single LV diesel.

    It is as pointless as Buildcraft Oil Springs.

    Chances are Stargatium is as inappropriate as a fuel source

    The thing I mentioned is actually a bug. Flint knives have 6400 durability and it should take 100 durability per bread slice, so the flint knife should work for a stack of bread. Your suggestion would make it so that the flint knife, the lowest possible tier, can slice 100 stacks of bread @_@

    100 stacks of bread slices is indeed overkill. In the stone age, bread did not exists, so n neither bread slices. That flint knife was good to peal leathers, cut meat, chase animals. (in reverse order).
    I have seen real antique flint tools, I can't see how you could slice bread with these ⇒ I was wrong then. You cannot slice bread at all.

    Now, if you take a dented stainless steel bread knife, one will last for your whole life without sharpening with a few slices a day, likely 50k+ slices before it becomes useless. You have more chance to loose it in the trash or unknown place, ore replace it for a prettier new before it dies.

    ( I realize I wrote so much about bread slicing knifes ;D )

    I'm having a problem with knife crafting, in that weaker knives are breaking way too easily. For example, if I craft bread and a neutronium knife, it takes 100 durability as normal, but if I use a flint or bronze knife (with full durability) the knife is consumed instantly snd has no breaking sound.

    Early game Gregtech Tools's life is so short and weak tiered, that players end-up using your few ores in tools,
    rather than machines or infrastructure.

    When other mods are added: Thaumcraft, Botania or other mods with materials and tools,
    players tends to avoid Gregtech tools entirely.

    This just adds arguments for way increased durability amount and less durability hit per use on Gregtech Tools.

    - Slicing bread/cheese shall cost at max 1 durability point.
    - Slicing vegetables/plants... shall cost at max 2 durability points.

    We also need better durability on material with enchants. This game has magic built-in by the mean of enchant and potions.

    Allow applying enchants to non magical material tools by the mean of chemical bath with potions/molten magic material.
    By printing enchanted books on tools.
    Print enchanted books with molten materials (as ink) containing said intrinsic magical property. (print a book with molten silver: circuit 1 = Smite I + 288 molten silver, circuit 2 → Smite II + more molten silver...

    Cobalt is also an easy tier3 Material. With Thaumcraft installed also tools made from shards.

    The choice is indeed limited and Thaumcraft may not always be available.
    Maybe you could move Steel to tier3 and steel alloys to tier4 and above.

    Rational is: When Gregtech has no other mods available for materials or tools, GT Tools are very painful to get with decent tier or durability.
    Early game means lots of building, exploring, prospecting.
    Doing this on bronze or iron tools, is not a good enough option,
    even if you travel with a stack of tool-heads and sticks.

    Early game Gregtech Tools's life is so short and weak tiered, that players end-up using your few ores in tools,
    rather than machines or infrastructure.

    When other mods are added: Thaumcraft, Botania or other mods with materials and tools,
    players tends to avoid Gregtech tools entirely.

    iirc, red/black granite tool heads have been uncraftable since the beginning of GT5, and the same applies to wood and stone, unless added via Minetweaker script (vanilla-style wooden and stone tools are still craftable, though).

    I'm not sure if GT4 allowed crafting red/black granite tools, but the changelog made no mention of that, so probably not; it did mention adding the red/black granite, so presumably it didn't exist to make tools from in GT1-3.

    While their usages are unmentionable.
    Rubber tools can be crafted.
    Shall I mention a rubber drill tip is of a particular interest?

    This has been used for example in Better Than Wolves when cutting wood logs with axe into planks. You recieve the planks, bark and also the saw dust. Everything is usable as a fuel to begin with.

    Choping tree with an axe could indeed return wood chips. That item do already exist but has no localized display-name.
    Could be used to craft chipboard planks (gregtech plank or dedicated blockWood crafted in 9x9 grid of wood chips)
    Macerated into tiny piles of sawdust.
    Have a fuel-value of 50 (wood chips benefit from more oxygen while burning)

    Any 9 × plankWood should have a compressor recipe into a logWood usable into charcoal pit or as any other log, and increased fuel-value

    What I mean is: processing woods for better fuel than raw wood, should be a an intermediate automatizable option half-way from the low tech manual charcoal pit to the high-tech pyrolyse oven.

    Last thought I had was with using the saws to cut wood/planks in crafting, shouldn't you also get back some amount of saw dust? Even if it's a small, or tiny, pile of it. I know I could do that with MineTweaker but it should be part of the mod. Just a thought.

    Not doable, only one output possible when crafting, and giving wood a container items is not a thing. Also the Cutter (Machine) already gives sawdust afaik.

    I think you could return a tiny pile of the cut material per output items either:

    • Directly into the player inventory
    • Items, split out on the ground (I like this option)

    If I am not wrong, there is a recipe handler to return items into the player inventory. At least, it can be done with MineTweaker.

    One thing I want to mention here: these Minetweaker assembler recipes you've been throwing around will consume the circuits. To avoid that, use a quantity of 0 on the circuits, e.g.:

    Thank you for pointing this out.
    I fixed my scripts.
    Here is the latest addition with alternate molten rubber recipes for U/LV cables:…pts/gregtech.zs#L386-L486

    Thanks for the quick answer, sadly it didnt work.
    While the script loads fine, the recipe doesent show up in NEI.
    Its the same outcome as if I replaced the circuit with stone.

    Maybe "liquid:molten.rubber" isnt correct?
    Since you wrote "gregtech:gt.integrated_circuit:24" I assume that the first four digits in the ID for the circuit (5726:24) are something else?

    Here is a featured piece of code that will work to add molten rubber assemble recipes for all your cables:

    It was the 1.7 update that changed to use names over IDs. The actual IDs that blocks and items are set are pretty much useless as they're world (and mod installation) dependent.

    Cables and Wires are gt.blockmachines, not gt.metaitem.01.

    mods.gregtech.Assembler.addRecipe(<gregtech:gt.blockmachines:1246>, <gregtech:gt.blockmachines:1240>, <gregtech:gt.integrated_circuit:24>, <liquid:molten.rubber> * 144, 100, 8);

    mods.gregtech.Assembler.addRecipe(<gregtech:gt.metaitem.01:1246>, <gregtech:gt.metaitem.01:1240>, null, <liquid:molten.rubber> * 144, 100, 8);

    When an assembler recipe uses a single item in first slot, you must add an integrated circuit into second slot. null does not work here.
    I don't know if it is a limitation in GTTweaker or in Gregtech API though.

    Gregtech uses Integrated Circuit 24 with assembler cable coating.
    This should work:

    mods.gregtech.Assembler.addRecipe(<gregtech:gt.metaitem.01:1246>, <gregtech:gt.metaitem.01:1240>, <gregtech:gt.integrated_circuit:24>, <liquid:molten.rubber> * 144, 100, 8);

    I had a similar idea where you had set value for each material kinda like the atomic number, but a bit different do to balance. then the more complex, or rare a material was the more EU and UU needed. but the UU would be just a base, you would need to add in the elemental material, protons & electrons, from the recycled materials. UU would be from everything recycled, think of it as neutrons. stone and such would only give that UU call it UUN. then you would need to add UUE and UUP to it to get to the atomic number your wishing to create. then everything could be recycled. the only thing I would blacklist would be microblocks and and such. parts or machines would need to be recycled in arc furnace or macerator first.

    The most representative recycle value already exists in fuel value.
    It represent the amount of chemical energy contained.
    That would still make stone products with 0 recycle value. I think this is ok and balanced.
    That would also allow recycling fluid fuels with high scrap rate.

    I'd use the following formula:
    scrap_chance = fuel_value / 1600

    Would give the following rates:
    Wood Stick → 100 / 1600 = 6,25%
    Wood Slab → 150 / 1600 = 9.375%
    Wood Log/Plank/Dust → 300 / 1600 = 18.75%
    Coal/Charcoal → 1600 / 1600 = 100% (1 scrap for each)
    Lithium dust → 6000 / 1600 = 375% (3.75 scraps for each)
    1000L Diesel → 25000 / 1600 = 1562.5% (16.62 scraps for each 1000L)
    1000L LPG → 30000 / 1600 = 1875% (18.75 scraps for each 1000L)