[NewHorizons] Ultra Hard Gregified modpack via Minetweaker and Modtweaker. GT, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Witchery, Galacticraft, BloodMagic, Forestry, Better Questing 700+ Quests

  • Version ----- 13.04.2017

    New Mods:

    Better Builders Wands 0.8.1r92
    Build Craft Oil Tweak 1.0.3
    Loot Games- 1.0.11a
    Too Much Loot 4.0.2.B2

    Removed Mods:

    Autpackager 1.5.9a

    Mod Upgrade:

    Adventurebackpack 0.9gbeta9
    Apple Core 1.3.9
    Buildcraft 7.1.20
    Buildcraft Compat 7.1.6
    GT New Horizons Core Mod 1.3.39
    Jabba 1.2.5
    Pam's HarvestCraft 1.7.10m
    Tinkers Construct
    Tinkers Gregworks 1.0.16
    Thaumic Base 1.4.10-0
    ThaumicTinkerer 2.5.541-GTNH
    YAM Core 0.5.73

    Changed/added Recipes:

    Better Building Wand(Nerf the mod 100%)
    Blood Magic Core Mod(Adding 3 new recipes for the Blood Soaked Blocks to the Game for Tier 3,4 and 6 Altar, Fix some Text Page in Thaumcraft Book)
    Extra Utilities(Added recipes for the Unstable Block)
    Galacticraft(Fixed some recipes with false Rubys, remove Oxy Tanks from the Aspect list because of a loading error)
    Iron Chests(Fixed Obsidian Chest recipes)
    Jabba(remove Ordic remove recipes because ordict support is disabled via cfg file now)
    Pams Harvestcraf(Added Market to the Game to have a second way to get Seeds)
    Project Red(Fix derp IC Creative recipes)
    Many Mods(Put all client side only script recipes to a new recipe file)
    Mine and Blade Mod(Fixed many recipes because Tinkers Gregworks materials now locked to ids)
    Natura(Bookshelfs can be chisseld)
    Railcraft(Fixed Wooden Wye Track recipes)
    SG Craft(remove Nei Hide items and Blocks)
    Thaumic Tinker(replace Obsidian Charged Totem with a normal Totem Block)
    Tinkers Construct (added back Raw Aluminum to make Ticon processes with alu faster)
    ZZ Client(Add thsi file and put all Client only script recipes inside it)

    Code changes:

    Blood Magic Core Mod(Adding 3 new Blood Soaked Blocks to the Game for Tier 3,4 and 6 Altar)
    Core Mod(Ordicted Ichorium Ingots and Nuggets, make Electrotine and Nikolite compatible)
    Gergtech(Add Ichorium Blocks to the game, )
    Random Things(Change Potion id back)

    Config changes:

    Adventure Backpack(Config updates and changes, fuel values)
    Blood Magic Core Mod(Adding config option for 3 new Blood Soaked Blocks and recipes to the Game for Tier 3,4 and 6 Altar and added Tool Tips)
    Buildcraft(Disable BC oil spawn via the cfg)
    Core Mod(Added own Oil now (BC Oil generated via the core mod) Underground and Springs. Enabled the Avaritia sword fix because it wasnt enabled,)
    Ender IO(fix Sagmil Redstone recipe)
    Enhanced Lootbags(Added a Seed Lootbag for Pams seed) You get this Bag with seed for GT Farmer Coins, Added a Fortune bag recipe for the Seed Bag, added tooltips to all Enhanced Lootbags how to get Furtune Bags)
    Galacticraft(Power config nerfs)
    Gregtech(added Ore Mix 88,89 Bedrockium Awakened Draconium, Copper Antimony in the Deep Dark Dim)
    LootGames(added a new config)
    Microblocks(add GT Marble)
    Open Computers(set Max Shaped from 64=>256)
    Open Peripheral Core and Addons(go over the config and tweak it a bit Vexatos Mod Dev help me here)
    Serverdat(remove one of Dirthuts Servers because the closed one)
    Tinkers Construct (Disable Autosmelt now 100% as random update modifier)
    Too Much Loot(Loot Chest Tables got a bit reworked. remove op food and other stuff, add new Lootgames Chests1-4 )
    Twilight Forest(You need now a Crystal (Core Mod) not a Diamond anymore to enter)


    Add a few new Crop Quests, adding Multiblock Quests, changed Forestry Quests a bit, adding LV, MV and HV Quests, fixing some derps and bugs

  • Version ---- 16.04.2017

    Mod Upgrade:

    GT New Horizons Core Mod 1.3.40
    Loot Games 1.0.13
    YAM Core 0.5.76

    Code changes:

    Core Mod(Segmented transfer of custom tooltips Multiline tooltips)
    Lootgames(First Lootgame now ready for action)

    Config changes:

    Core Mod(Chest 1-4 changes)
    Loot Games(config changes)


    A fewTypo Fixes.

  • I just saw this update launch; I actually started playing just the day after launched, so I was excited yet concerned to see this since I've never updated a modpack in the middle of a game. How possible is such a thing? One world generation concern I found was the buildcraft versus new oil font changes. My particular base I just moved within the past couple days to a giant wellspring of oil geysers in the desert as I prepared to pump fuel from it, so I'm sure depending on how a transition is done with this update that may need to change. Is there a need to preserve a few chunks of the current world with my base and then have the rest re-instantiate the rest of the world generation in order to generate the new world changes? I'd love to know so that I might try the new update; I definitely couldn't lose my current progress in the world though.

  • I disabled BC Oil spawn and we add Oil with us core mod (same oil from BC) If you found a oil well and update this well not disappears if bc oil is now off. Only new generated chunks are changed but I guess you will not see the changes much. The new thing is we generated oil underground like GC did so you will probably hit a oil bubble in new chunks.

    Always make a backup of your world before you update but I don't see a reason for not updating.