Kirara Reborn Official Announcement Thread

  • Hi there!

    I suppose none of you remember me, very long time no see.

    Is this a new server ? A new map ?

    I've got my finals in 3 days and afterwards I'd be willing to spend some time on some good ol' minecraft.

    How can I join ?

    Can I join ?

    Thanks in advance!


    Edit : I have not been wasting time and I've already been downloading the modpack.

    So far I couldn't find ihl-tools_n_machines 0.594, fastcraft 1.22-ctest17 (that one isn't really a problem since it's client only), link to storage drawer is dead and link to Thaumcraft shows a page without the correct version (had to google these 2 but I found them).

    Could somebody provide me with a link to those versions ?


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  • New server is in the birthenings... Anyone interested in playing can have their say on the IRC channel on what mods to be included and involved in retweaking scripts (which will be forked off new horizons most likely). Focus this time is going to be on dungeons and more challenging mobs (possible options including Arch's Mob properties scripts he left on Kirara 7, lycanite mobs, rogue like dungeons, doomlike dungeons and others) , more tech mods and less if any magic mods at all) ATG, underground biomes or possibly PFAA.

    KR will still be running meanwhile but likely be taken down once the new server is up due to limited resources.

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  • I had a talk with keda on IRC yesterday and will now write down my idea about changes. Personally i prefer to keep it to keep making the pack less work to set up and cut some corners.

    GT New Horizons pack is a nice and extremely hard pack, but it is difficult to change because of its high integration. So if it is not used with at best minor changes, it is a bad idea to base a selfmade pack on it.

    So my idea would be to base the new pack on the current, remove some mods and add new:


    Thaumcraft + addons

    Twilight Forest



    ATG (replace with RWG or use vanilla)

    Railcraft (seriusly, who used more of it than coke oven and boiler?)

    Galacticraft (I really like it, but not worth the work. Only few used it in the earlier kirara servers)

    OpenComputers+Computronics (Saw it used only really little. Would clean up the pack a lot but open to discussion)

    Underground biomes (Worldgenlag)


    Set Oregen to default.

    Disable some BoP Biomes so you have a chance to find these you look for.


    mob + dungeon mods

    Archs mod propertys script was, if i remember right, that monsters got stronger with more distance from spawn and had more/better drops.

    Hardcore darkness (quite evil and maybe too much, but i like the idea)

    Some tech additions i used in my own pack: and could be used in the new Kirara.

    Rotarycraft + Reactorcraft (integrated into GT progression, starts at GT MV tier, ReC at GT LuV tier + fusion tech)

    Magneticraft (strip off almost all recipes and use their multiblocks to replace some GT oreprocessing machines)

    Immersive Engineering ( Would need more balancing work, but certainly looks nice in a tech pack)

    Tinkers Construct ( I moved all Furnace smelting recipes into the TiC smeltery, Tools either completely or partly disabled )


    Playertown? We had some failed tries so far but how about we think of some ways to make it work?

    For example some things you only get when building in the town? Some stuff that can only be produced within the town borders?

    Also, how about moving communication to Discord? Only few can still be confinced to join IRC...

  • All i can say is that i would be very interested in joining. Also about donating for server hosting or what would be needed. Discord is what most ppl use now. I dont mind joining irc but since its only for 1 thing i think its a bit overkill/annoying.

    Mods that are active and care = win

  • I agree with removing

    I respectfully disagree to remove

    I don't, politely, care about it if it's removed

    On the mods I agree with Bloody's removal request :

    Twilight forest is really heavy on servers. It's a great exploration mod but it's really not worth dropping the tps to 2 while others are online.

    I've never really used IHL, it adds cool stuff but I have never really understood how to use it.

    -> I would love to see this mod : Cutting Edge (click me). I loved IHL's treetap mechanics.

    Gendustry is a really enjoyable mod, but I was able to have powerful bees on kirara 2.0 (so no Gendustry). For instance I had ender bees, producing 4 drones, living in the overworld, in plains, producing the ender pearls over time (normally they yield one drone and need a dragon egg).

    Thaumcraft + addons is a great mod, but I've used it many times to cheat my way through Gregtech. A real challenge would be to drop this mod off.

    ATG / Underground biomes because they're heavy.

    On the mods I disagree to see removed :

    Galacticraft is a pretty fun mod and I had such a blast setting up camps on the moon and in my own satellite. Even if a few use it, I suggest we keep it IF the modpack isn't really impacted by this mod (it doesn't hurt having a 10 extra seconds loading time right?).

    Railcraft because I'm that guy who uses more than the coke oven and the blast furnace (although I may be the only one, so I can say I would not really be bothered if it's not in the future pack).

    Now on the mods I don't care if they're in or not :

    OpenComputers + Electronics. I'm into my second year of computer science, in september it will, hopefully, be my third (if not my second year AGAIN) so even though I know now to code, I'm not that interested in coding in game. I would probably toy around with it, but that's it. Although some of the stuff Opencomputer adds is cool (like the hovering boots).

    I have no idea what Electronics is.

    So that's my input on what mods the new server should or should not have. This is my opinion and I will try to play it (my computer should be able to run it, but the loading time may ruin it for me) regardless of the mods installed.

    But I also think this opinion could make the server more challenging and enjoyable late game (Galacticraft).

    As for a town, we tried it on Kirara reborn (I think, the one with early GT6 where everything was missing and at some point the IC2 machines were craftable), not many people got invested into it but I know I would.


    Java script, which happens to be the language in which minecraft is coded

  • I'm getting highly divergent suggestions here, the more people who want to join the server. The only things I definitively want to remove from the list you suggested Bloody is Gendustry, Thaumcraft + addons. I didn't know Underground biomes was a lag culprit, which makes it more likely that it will be removed (I was thinking about putting in PFAA unless someone has other suggestions) and PFFA was running smoothly in tests. A bit shame because I liked the textures in undergrounds biomes. OC however was used quite a bit on KR especially toward the end, so it's going to stay. GC will also stay. Railcraft I'm not sure... I will miss the coke ovens and railcraft tanks... and some might want to make use of railcarts. IHL will likely be out because of bugs, even though the pump is nice to have. TF will likely stay.

    New mods that will most likely be in:
    Lycanite mobs
    Mob properties
    Doomlike Dungeons
    Dark Utilities
    Rotarycraft + Reactorcraft + GT integration
    Magneticcraft + GT integration

    Gravity Gun, alternatively Jabba just for the dolly
    Ars Magica 2, depending on how popular this suggestion is and if someone is willing to tweak it
    Tinker constructs for the smeltery + tool removal/nerf
    Immesive engineering

    Also more than welcome on the server Lardy for hosting Kirara previously.

  • Btw, as crazy as it sounds, I would kinda enjoy harder blocks, the gregtech config which makes cobblestone 4 times harder to break for example.


    Java script, which happens to be the language in which minecraft is coded

  • We had PFAA in the first GT5 Kirara. Was that Kirara 2.0?

    There we had real issues to get enough materials. Lapis was really bad, redstone also quite limited. So adding that it would be nessary to tweak it quite a bit. I think we scrapped it back then once we opened the seperate worlds.

    I think there we had PFAA and Underground bimoes together but with an complex block replacement script that was so slow it was nessary to pregen the whole world.

    So i disagree with PFAA. Bad experience with it.

    Railcraft was mainly to bring it up to discussion, but the more i think about it the more i disagree with my own idea. :P

    Another thing: Can we please change that everyone has to load the mods by themself? I know it is a good noob prevention, but thats the server difficulty, whitelist and at last setting up the client manually too. Pretty sure there were a few that stopped playing when they had to download manually a dozen mods for the 3rd time a week.

    Maybe setup a Github project to manage config and script changes better?


    Also, how about adding FTB Utilities for chunkloading and Server management?

  • /Edit:

    Also, how about adding FTB Utilities for chunkloading and Server management?

    This. I'd feel safer with claimed chunks (let creeper explosions enabled in the config) and maybe let the default amount of loaded chunks hoping we will not get overboard.

    Also I suppose that we'd need a way to delete these claims from a player who hasn't logged on for a month (at least). Either with moderators or maybe we could find a script.


    Java script, which happens to be the language in which minecraft is coded

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  • How does the claimed chunks thing work? Can multiple people share claimed chunks? Otherwise it would not be possible to work in teams. Up til now we have never had an issue with griefing though, but you guys insist I'll put it in. Otherwise there's always the backups if griefing ever occur. The noob prevention is off. Even the current mods, scripts and configs are available at I'll think about putting up scripts and configs for github if that makes things easier to manage. Can't PFAA be modified to be more balanced with the ore generation? Another thing I found was BetterGeo which looks really good at least graphically, but doesn't look very configurable. Is it possible for GT to generate ores into it somehow?

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  • You have an friendlist in that mod that allows you sharing claimed chunks. I think you also can allow all to work in your claimed chunks.

    Overall FTB Utilities gives many management functions that help with servermanagement, so absolutly recommended.

    Certainly PFAA can be modified but that will be quite some work and as stated above, i try to keep thinks simple. I think it can be made to work, but expect hours of tweaking. BetterGeo does not sound compatible with GT. At last testing required.

  • Desperate dane just want to play!

    I have faith in you guys selecting the best mods. Just want to say that something where its easy to get started would help alot of people. I can do it as you know i played before but the mods beeing auto updated and such is just a relief. Whitelist and since there never been any grief i dont see it as a problem.

    IHL and TF should go - i simply just dislike TF alot - i dont see any point it it beeing on the server. It only brings shortcuts and lag. I never use it so my playing expirence wont be affected except the lag it generates.

  • TF should go - [...] It only brings shortcuts and lag.

    This is why I approved bloody's suggestion to remove it.

    I love this mod, I WILL play it if it's on the server, but the amount of lag it causes can be insane.

    Now I don't recall any particular problem on the current map, I had at least 50h on the server iirc (underwater base + twilight exploration), but that's my main experience with the mod.


    Java script, which happens to be the language in which minecraft is coded

  • Oh, man, it's been a while!

    Hello everybody! I went MIA last year but trust me I've been quite busy for some time.

    However I should finally have some free time in 2 or 3 weeks and I'd love to play Minecraft on good ol' Kirara.

    I probably ain't gonna vote on what mods to have (as long as we have GT :P) but I'd love to stay updated on any news and I don't wonna miss new server start. Are the majority of people still on IRC or the discussion moved mainly to Discord?