Help needed adding ores to worldpainter map

  • Hi folk. My son has created a world using World Painter. We want to add in the IC2 ores to it, but have hit a stumbling block. World Painter tells us that the highest block id it uses is 4095. However a test run reveals to us that the ores from IC2 are using block 4149/1 /2 /3 & /4 (info gathered using F3 + H in minecraft). Can someone help me in figuring out how to get the ores into World Painter please? I have tried their support but they have referred me to here as it looks as if IC2 is remapping the blocks somehow. We have tried using the ids given on this website (which are in the 400s) but all that shows in a test run after using the data in WP is the chequred block instead of the ores themselves.
    The only other mods in use are:-

    Building bricks
    Simple covers
    hopper ducts
    lunatarius core
    Bd - Lib (linked to building bricks)
    MC multipart
    schematic (only on single player)

    This is using Minecraft 1.10.2

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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    Block/Item IDs are dynamically assigned in newer Minecraft versions. The more mods you add, the higher, the block ids will be.
    However that World Painter thing should use the registry name instead of the block id, since that's also persistent with loading different maps in different mc versions.

  • thanks for the reply. Just to check to see if I have this right. Instead of using the block id of 4149/1 I should use instead minecraft:copper_ore? (Assuming that Worldpainter can use that format).

    Just checked with worldpainter and it cannot use the registry names. So I'm hoping there is another way I can remap the block ids to with in the 4095 limit.

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    It's a wonder how it still works for the newer versions really.

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