Industrial Rage - 1st IC Server, Still Running - IC²/GregTech/Redstone In Motion/Dungeons/Market and more! 1.6.4 - No Whitelist

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    Alblaka officially approves of this being THE IndustrialCraft Server #1

    Server brought to you by

    Industrial Rage is one of the oldest modded servers to date. We began in April 2011 with such booming activity that we crashed servers and had to be kicked from server hosts due to the overwhelming response to the server. The server was created within 1-2 hours of IC1 smp being released. It's been recognized by Alblaka himself as 'thee' IC server. We've had people like Alblaka, Spacetoad, RichardG, Player, many of the IC staff, Eloraam and more on the server in the span of it's lifetime.

    We started out as a pay to play server due to the lack of server tools to assist with management. When mcpc came out, we opened up to the public and had seen up to 1000+ unique visitors. We are always trying to improve the experience and add cool and new toys. We always try to form our own packs and never have used any 'preset' mod pack.

    Running on 1.6.4 with MCPC+.

    -Mod List-
    Armor Status HUD
    Status Effect HUD
    Damage Indicators
    Additional Pipes
    Obsidian Plate
    Applied Energistics
    Charge Pads
    Compact Solars
    Custom Mob Spawner
    Custom NPC's
    Mo Creatures
    Ender Storage
    Extra Biomes
    IC2 Nuclear Control
    IndustrialCraft 2
    Inventory Tweaks
    Iron Chest
    Logistics Pipes
    Mine Factory Reloaded
    Misc Peripherals
    Advanced Solar Panels
    NEI Plugins
    Redstone In Motion
    Steve's Carts
    Liquid XP
    Twilight Forest
    Tree Capitator
    Code Chicken Core
    Not Enough Items
    Immibis Microblocks
    Wireless Redstone
    Portal gun
    Zan's Minimap
    Chat Bubbles
    Carpenters Blocks
    Ender IO
    Thermal Expansion
    Underground Biomes

    Server website for all server status information and pack download to play.

  • already posted it on your own forum, but I don't know if you'll get the chance to see it
    are there basements in the spawn city, and if there are, how deep are they?

    If there are none, or only shallow ones, could I and a few of the other guys on the server hollow out a HUGE cavern and make a tutorial "minimap" for all the aspects of IC, BC and RP (BC and RP when they are updated)?

    It would be like portal 2, just not being full of death traps

  • what death traps is the only way to learn things.

    place a MinecraftCreeper spawner in each room, and you get a good learning curve

  • lol. whats banned? ie: :Nuke TNT: :Mining Laser: :Tesla Coil: MinecraftCreeper MinecraftCreeper MinecraftCreeper dynamite, ect

  • How full Is the server right now? Im thinking about buying a white listing And just wanted to know how full it was right now. Im not a fan of huge servers but considering its Industrial Rage I really wan to make an exception.

    Proud IndustrialCraft user Since Minecraft beta 1.3 (Or 1.4, To many nukes to the face can cause memory issues.)

  • Yesterday we had a total of 90 unique visitors on at all times of the day. The whitelist is much larger than that, so people are coming back with the update. We've just moved hosts so things should be better and more should be on at a time. 20+

  • Should be fun, Il defately have to try and get the money for a whitelisting... About how far away from spawn would I need to walk to find a semi remote area? I love building as a community BUt I still love having my own area too. Thanks for Answering my questions Killer, that reminds me... I need to catch up on your IC BC lets play.

    Proud IndustrialCraft user Since Minecraft beta 1.3 (Or 1.4, To many nukes to the face can cause memory issues.)