Industrial Rage - 1st IC Server, Still Running - IC²/GregTech/Redstone In Motion/Dungeons/Market and more! 1.6.4 - No Whitelist

  • Aww, no Wireless Redstone, Minefactory, Buildcraft Bucket Filler, or Buildcraft Additional Pipes? D: Me and a few friends play on a server I host and we have these extra four addons. I would think about paying the 10 dollars to play if the server had these four addons. I would not be able to re-create my 100 item sorting/retrieval system without these mods. Have you thought of adding these? They add tons of possibilities that would never be possible with vanilla IC2, BC, and Redpower.

  • When adding extra mods, you also have to think about the strain on the server extra mods add. When you have 4 people, it's not an issue. When you have 230+ active users all using the mods, it can really put a strain on your server. That is why I don't just add any mod out there. Not saying I won't in the future if I find one that makes sense.

  • Trust me, Minefactory is worth it. The others are horribly optimized. I am still on the fence about paying to get on IR, but I'm such a IC fan it's hard to resist. Only regret is that EE is not SMP yet, it's impossible to make a factory without horribly balanced recipes. 8)

  • Uuugh.... I want to join but I don't. I played with ranukano once on a normal MC server. He was, to be blunt, a whiny bitch. I mean, not to say he got griefed and complained, he just asked for stuff from people and once flew into an all caps rage for 30 minutes after falling into his lava moat . When I read that little "IR is amazing!" spiel on KBGaming forum, it didn't compute. Of course, I fall into a category that was deterred by the P2P thing, the younger audience. I'm 15 and I don't have a debit, credit, or other card, nor do I have a paypal. What is an alternative payment method I could use? Read you the serial number off of a $10 bill? :P Also, without Redpower or EE, a lot of my build experience is useless.

  • Sounds like a personal matter that does not involve me, he has been amazing help as co-admin so far.

    We have now moved to bukkit with

    Power Converters
    Redpower 2 (all)

  • Really happy i did join the server, its a great community, time belt seems to be about (Alantic Canada time) morning (0500-0800) 10-15 people; evening (1800-0230) 35-40 even maxed a few days :D. All those people with no fps lag or block lag on a 32X Texture Pack, a nidge of FPS on my 128X TP but :P

    Im working on a large (100*100) (140,000 blocks soilid) Bent pyrimid apartment project that i will be offering rooms (equiped with some machines) and a rail and Qsuit tunnet to the border outpost also under construction; to anyone that is new to the server once its built; intinal construction is still unfornualy at least a week out at this moment:/(about 15% done) just not enough spare time to mine all the mats i need.


    It's the idea of playing with atomic power, I am not perfect, same as any other human. Therefor, human = mistakes, mistakes = bad things, bad things + atomic fusion = very bad things. :cursing: :Nuke TNT: :cursing:


  • I do enjoy putting lapotron crystals in my miners. Love having coders who can do specific patches for me and fix issues on the fly. Server crashed due to a bug between Buildcraft Fillers and Redpower, staff had a patch out and I applied it shortly after. No need to go hunting down the authors.

    Eloraam was also nice enough to come join us this week on the server.