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  • While working on ic2 textures I found a few things that are a bit annoying with textures and I thought I tell you so that they might be changed:

    1.) I noticed that there is no texture for rubber leaves because it uses birch leaves instead. That's a bit annoying because I have to change the leaves in my minecraft resource pack if I want to change them. Maybe something like is there a leaf texture, use that, if not, use the birch leaves would work.

    2.) The batch crafter uses the same textures as the industrial workbench, I'd like it if there was a way for it to have i's own textures.

    Those two should only be small changes, the next one might be a bit bigger

    3.) I noticed, that most blocks have a top and a bottom texture- With the sides it's not that easy. There are textures which have 4 same sides, some who have the same left and right and some who have 4 different sides. My idea is to not have it fixed for a block how many different textures there are but have a modular system where you can name a texture name_sides and it uses the same texture for all sides, if you name it name_left it will specify to use that texture on the left side. For the other sides it will use either the textures named name_right, name_front, name_back, if they are not there name_sides and if that doesn't exist either the default texture. I'm not sure, if that's even possible or if it's a large change but I thought suggesting it doesn't hurt.


  • I haven't done much with blockstates and models myself, but for the 1.10.2 version of IC2, I think the changes you want can already be done by adding altered versions of the model and blockstate json files to your resource pack. Have a look through assets/ic2/blockstates and assets/ic2/models inside the ic2 jar file (once you've opened it with WinRAR or 7-Zip or similar)

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    Everything you want is definitely possible already with the way textures work now. For 2 and 3 you will just have to override the model files for the Batch Crafter and whatever machine would want finer control over side wise, whilst for 1 you'll have to override the leaves.json in blockstates.

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