[BUG] GregTech 6 - Gold Ore

  • Ahhh, darn you Greg! :@ :D Love the mod, keep up the good work! :)

    Yeap, The gold ore and the pyrite ore is almost the same color, be careful what you mine. It also applies to rubies as well. :P

    Color Codes and Format Codes for the rules:

    Red Meaning Don't Read that.

    Green Meaning must Read that.

    Blue Meaning everytime someone swears (like extensive bad language) on purpose it will be changed into a not a swearing text. Since I cannot delete other peoples text unless I am a admin or something that allows to get rid of the extensive bad language post. I absolutely hated swearing or worse extensive bad language.

    Yellow Meaning That is incorrect.

    Purple Meaning Spelling Correction