Kinetic Water Generator

  • Hi there,

    I tried to get some EU using kinetic water generators. It is working properly to some extend; I got my setup in and ocean biome and so on.

    But the problem is that I can't place the water generators near each other as they won't work. I placed a kinetic water generator up to 50 blocks away from my first one which then stopped working.

    They do work tho with 10 blocks between them vertically, but at the same height I'll have to go like 100 blocks away which is just shit when you are trying to build a big power plant.
    Any help? Is it a bug or intended? Can I fix it? If so, how?

  • The kinetic water generator will look for obstructions in a cuboid shape, with height and width double the rotor diameter, and length six times the rotor diameter with the kinetic water generator itself in the centre. As a result if you put them so the rotors are parallel along the blades (either vertically as you found or horizontally) they can be much closer than if you put them in a line front to back.

    The idea is the turbulence from the blades reduces the energy that the water has immediately infront and behind the rotor so placing them to the sides has less of an effect, the actual numbers are a little arbitrary.

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