[IC2 Exp | 1.12.2] IC2 Extra Fuels

  • Hi everyone,

    in an effort to comply with the requirements for add-on publishers, I am happy to officially introduce my small hack addon:

    IC2 Extra Fuels

    Quoting the github description:


    This mod is an Industrial Craft 2 addon that allows free configuration of additional fuels to be consumed by Industrial Craft's Semifluid Generator.
    The mod is especially intended to be used by users of Buildcraft until the new set of fuels introduced in Buildcraft 7.99a (Dense Fuel, Gaseous Fuel, etc.) are officially supported by Industrial Craft. See this bug report.

    I hope someone finds this useful.

    Also, "proper" default values for dense fuel, gaseous fuel and "normal" fuel (and additional fuels) are more than welcome. I'm still figuring them out myself.



  • You are a God thank you so much ! This is exactly the addon i was searching for about 2 months. I was angry that the new fuels from buildcraft aren't compatible with the semi fluid generator from ic2. Your addon is incredibly useful !

    PS : sorry for mistakes I'm French ;)

  • Awesome though I got hyped thinking was new reactor fuels haha :)

    same... You should probably add that into the title :P

    coming from the one who is also making said reactor fuel...

    My favorite...

    Armor: :Quantum-Helmet::Quantum-Bodyarmor::Quantum-Leggings::Quantum-Boots:

    Item: :Uranium::Uranium Ore::Reactor: