cheap one-way cable?

  • Just upgraded from IC1 or what? ;)

    To craft a batbox you only need 3 batteries, 5 planks and a single copper cable

    BTW Switch cables were removed and MFEs now outputs Medium Voltage (blows machines)

  • i know about batboxes, but making that much batteries is a pain in the ar*e

    LV transformers seem the best option at the moment then, but they only accept input from one side unless i use gold cables and transform it down at the end :LV-Transformer: *yessssssssss! theres a LV-Transformer emote!*

  • You can apply redstone to the LT-Transformer and you can supply all the 1 dotted sides with power. Then gold cable at the three dotted to.. stuff!

    MFE is kinda expensive, but you can upgrade it with the Electrolyzer to hold massive amounts of power.