My Solar Farm (no flowers here, gentlemen)...

  • So earlier today after completing my 3 Million EU/s Burst Rate High Voltage farm I decided to make a Solar farm to see which was more efficient and easier to maintain. So I present you with this:

    It generates a constant flow of at least 50K EU/s with bursts going up to 250K+ EU/s (EC Manipulator @ Very long), it has 16 arms on each side and 4 solar panels on each arm, and an mfe unit for 2 of the 4 solar panels. Total : 128 Solar Panels, 64 MFE Units, each MFE is set to 64 EU/s which is at least 4096 EU/s total, but due to the fact that the MFE units are always charging I have had spikes go up to 250k+ EU/s. And I'd also like to mention that nowhere in this setup am I using a HV transformer. What do yall think?

    P.S. - The solar farm is so much easier to maintain then the high voltage one.