Gen2 Nuclear technology : Mark 1-0, 230 EU/tick, 3.83 efficiency. (uses redstone power 2)

  • Using Redstone Power 2, I just built a prototype reactor using the same water cooling system I had before. I'm up to 230 EU/tick and a reactor that is starting to resemble a ticking bomb. I have yet to hit the limits of my cooling system. It IS stable, it does NOT heat up past the boiling point of water, and it can be refueled immediately after use. It doesn't require any consumables other than fuel.

    Here's a teaser screenshot :

    I haven't finalized the design...I think even more power output from a single reactor is possible. Basically we are shoving water into the reactor at high speed and it is boiling, taking the excess heat away with it. This method would work in real life and it is actually how high power commercial reactors are cooled.

    We are doing all this in SMP on Bricked Technology, my server. It is on a 4 gigabyte VPS and has a sandybridge CPU, and a lot of mods installed. Go to for details. If you log in, I'll show you what I've got.

  • How big is the pool of diamonds on the bets on when something does not get delivered in time and the thing digs an instant crater?

    : ]

  • It's not that bad. It actually will take a fair amount of time to overheat (a minute or two) and there's 6 buckets in the top row, giving a thermal reserve.

    Also, I am using dual injectors of water buckets as well as dual deployers pumping the water. So far I haven't had any problems.

    But yes it is dangerous. On my server there are "elemental creepers", several of whom could instantly fry the cooling system and then the reactor would soon detonate.

  • More than a little bit risky...
    but if its your way then go ahead :D
    I think that the way to go is lots of Mark II reactors but the CASUC designs do squeeze alot of power out of single reactors and as I recentyl realized making a reactor legitimately is really resource intensive

    also you can reduce the heat genenrated by surrounding the edge of your uranium rather than just the one corner, you are currently producing 24 more heat/tick than you could be

  • I made one with 1 deployer, 3 filters and 3 transposers and 1 timer. Still its stable with same eff and output as yours. Through i cheated a bit on the protective casing for testing purposes (bedrock). It could prolly cool even more uranium cells than this.
    (yes i know the reactor is basically a heat tank nothing else)

    Edit: now running stable (like a mk1) at 295 eu/tick and 3.93 eff.

  • okay so your using water as the red power mod incorporate items/tools/blocks to automatically remove the empty buckets?

  • For my "production" reactor I will make it simpler and more like yours, Rick. 293 EU is a little better than the 260 I run at now. Please post a screenshot of what it looks like when it is working.

    To those who are wondering how this works : it is made possible by these machines that are part of Redstone power but not Buildcraft :

    1. The filter. This is a machine that takes items out of an inventory (like a reactor or a chest) but only if they match exactly the item in the slot of the filter. So I have filters take empty buckets ONLY out of the reactor, and full buckets only out of the deployer.

    2. The deployer : this "deploys" many item types as if the player were using them. It can use an empty bucket on a pool of water and fill the bucket.

  • Gonna put even more uranium cells in it and possibly a emergency shutdown system along with a nice containment chamber (because shit happens sometimes). When finished i will post it here with details :). But first i need to see how much buckets 1 deployer can fill per sec. Atm its 2 buckets per sec in my system but i think it can be faster. Also my pipes can be shorter (meaning you would need less buckets to keep them flowing around 24/7). Enough talk now need to make a uber reactor :)

  • Yes, Vendi, and it's version of pipes (brass "tubes") are tons better. It doesn't have buildcraft's building machines, but the part it does have is already much better than buildcraft.