[Addon v1.112]AdvGenerators²v3.3.0-New Toys!!!

  • Wait....

    Why does it say install pr4-1, replace everything, then revert to pr4?

    Also, (in pr4-1), whenever there's nothing in the fuel slot of a electric wood gasificator, and you insert some cells in while it being powered, it crashes the game. Plus the cells dont get filled.

    Ill try going back to pr4 and see what happens.

    EDIT: Ok, same problem with pr4.

    EDIT2: Im also crashing with the rare earth Extractor.

  • Wow Epic Adv Generators!

    Please make sure that this is compatible with "Rocket science" possibly you two could collaborate with magnets/superconductors
    anyways cool stuff and btw fro you guys who cant count the Void generator is 2048 every 10 seconds aka 2048/200 ~10 EU/t
    still great as a fully maintenance free source of power

    Keep up the great work man!

  • @SvEgii: your crashs are probably due to the fact that you are trying to install Pr4 and Pr4-1, all you need is Pr4

    Blueblade11: Pr4-1 is merely a cross over for those who have wood gassers or adv miners in their worlds, so thier blocks are not deleted, in Pr4-1 all of the old wood gassers and adv miners become a blank block that drops the new version, then they replace the block and update to Pr4 and their blocks are not deleted

  • So if you don't have any miners or gassers deployed, you can just install Pr4? Is that all I need if my miner is stored in a chest or inventory, for instance?

  • with zmod_IC2AdvGeneratorspr4.zip server does not run in mods and in minecraft_server.jar tried to install. and so and so error

    and world no. he simply does not create an error of .. eh ..

  • @SvEgRii : make sure you are using the correct versions of everything

    I told you that I have downloaded all the time 10.
    server http://www.minecraft.net/download
    ! - http://www.mediafire.com/?nigzouqhikolc2c</a>
    2 - http://www.mediafire.com/?eh237614i2abebq</a>
    all in minecraft_server.jar
    in mods
    and now have downloaded your new version of the corrected

    I understand quite well with computers and do not think that I'm doing something wrong .. already tired of pumping the same thing many times.:( and in English, I am writing this poorly highly annoying....:(
    PS I hope this will help but as I started the server with the interpretation AdvGeneratorsserverpr4-1.zip from AdvGeneratorsserverpr4.zip error that I wrote ...OR if they are fitted together in a folder mods

  • please show me your modloader.cfg

    d: \ M181s \ mods \ industrialcraft-2-server_1.23.jar
    d: \ M181s \ mods \ zmod_IC2AdvGeneratorsserverpr4-1.zip
    d: \ M181s \ mods \ industrialcraft-2-server_1.23.jar
    d: \ M181s \ mods \ zmod_IC2AdvGeneratorsserverpr4.zip
    d: \ M181s \ mods \ zmod_IC2AdvGeneratorsserverpr4-1.zip
    this case, the rumors start the server.
    but all of your GUI objects from the addon confused ... you open your generator offers recovery from IC2 but config files I deleted all ... they create new ones. what you throw a log?


    mod_MpUtils I cleaned that with him that without him the same thing, so do not blame him:)

    still found but in the SSP. went into the game put all of your blocks. came and went again, and in that place where there was a bunch of Void Generator was formed and the height of land and 3 blocks ... like a pyramid ... but not quite flat.
    and log

    but the client would not fly:)

  • Is there any chance to get the Advanced Miner as a standalone? It's the one thing I really use on a regular basis, so I've stuck with your previous AdvGen release.

  • I know - but I'm just saying I don't currently see a need to upgrade - I can't imagine using all the other stuff but this machine alone is mod-worthy.

  • @SeVegRii : that could be your problem, "mod_IC2_AdvGenerators=on" should be below "mod_IC2=on"

    I change it but its still doesn help!

  • Okay so i got every thing working on SSP but when i add it to the server to play SMP it crashes even before it creates a config file. I don't have any of the older releases so i just downloaded the pr4. Here is the modloader text

    hope i can get this working looking forward to using this mod

  • Dear modmaker,

    When i ever try to look in a REExtractor my minecraft crashes, it only happens in SMP. Can you help me?

  • sry for late replies everyone I had to go to the eye doctor today :S

    @gamekeeperson : redownload, I fixed that issue recently

    @SvEgii & Joe: I will look into that and see if I can find out what the problem is

    edit : well looks like its not your problem or mine.... java bug.....and even worse it's in the modloader code so I can't just not include the buggy code in my addon..... http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=4745054

    maybe try reinstalling java