[Addon 1.42] Iron Chests V0.9.5

  • I can only speak for myself, but I am patiently awaiting an update to 1.1

    The chests are an integral part of my mods and I don't think my playstyle would work without the option for making bigger chests. So pretty please, with sugar on top, take all the time you need but just update it :)

    Thank you very very much.

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  • Please update your wondrful iron chests addon for MC 1.1/IC2 1.64. I would really like to re-compress my storage.

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  • cpw is working updating this mod to MC 1.1. Once he releases it, I will post the links on the OP.

    Thanks for letting CPW have one step closer to total world control :P

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  • Thanks for letting CPW have one step closer to total world control :P

    Nah, that should be "Total Industrial Control" :P

    But on a serious note, cpw does a lot for us who want mods whose author have gone MIA (not including this one anyways). Thanks cpw!

  • Thanks Lishid for making this addon and thank you Cpw for updating it :)

    btw hope this doesn't count as spam just wanted to show my graditude

  • Yes thank you for letting him take over, I cannot live without this mod I love it too much to not use it. The diamond chests are so pretty :)

  • I wanna update to 1.1 so bad :( Guess I could just NEI my diamonds back from the diamond chests I have and use normal ones until this is finished.

  • I know this is random but does anyone know of any bukkit plugin that is able to lock these chests?

    LWC can lock them, you'll just need to add the id of the chests to the lwc config files.

  • IronChests 2.0 is now ready for download. I have posted it on the main minecraft forums, since I removed the vestiges of IC2 dependence. It's purely forge now. If you have IronChests already and are upgrading a 1.0 world, I suggest you remove them from the world, and put them in an inventory. They should (but this is not tested) survive this way. As blocks in the world, they won't work and will crash your world, probably.

    Anyway, I hope you like the new version. SSP only for a minute, because SMP is harder, but I already know how I'm doing it, so it shouldn't take long. Just wanted people to start finding the bugs :)