Support Request:Uranium not depleting

  • When i put uranium cells and coolant cells in the nuclear reactor, uranium cells dont deplete, but coolant does, I only put uranium cells, and it explodes after a while but still does not deplete. So is it just the green bar not going down? I used too many items to get the items


    all buildcraft 2.2.5, IC2 v.1.23 and too many items 1.8.1, modloader and modloadermp 1.8.1

    texture pack: default

  • if i remember correctly (stressing if) im pretty sure a reactor takes somwhere between 6-8 hours (real wworld time) to complete its cycle

  • Something else to check: Is your MFSU (or whatever the reactor is powering) getting power when this happens? It sounds like it may be related to another reactor issue I had experienced.

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  • Offhand I thought it was 10000 reactor ticks for depletion. 3600 seconds in an hour, so a little under 3 real hours.