Advanced Machines: 1.23 UPDATES linked here and new ideas

  • Is this addon still working for 1.337b?

    It is - at least, I'm successfully using Arsenic's fix.

    Here's the problem, and why I think this is worthwhile. Firstly, let's assume that zip never returns. I can see different, easier (to me) ways to write code that does a similar thing. As IC2, and BC and other stuff (like MCF) moves forward, it's going to get harder to make sure that this mod continues to work. If I want to be in this for the long haul, I want something that's going to be easy for me (or someone I hand it to) to maintain. I think if it's a reimagining of the whole suite of work, and just overlaps a bit with Zip's ideas, certainly inspired by Zip's ideas but still, unique enough to be different, then that makes me happy to make the effort.

    I understand that and I'm OK with it... as long as it doesn't mean my current machines are deleted from the world and I have to build them all over again. But I agree with Creepig - The functionality of the machines as they currently stand is perfectly fine with me - I don't need more crazy machines with wild features, I'm content to have machines that simply operate like the Induction Furnace - they heat up as they perform more work and can be redstoned to stay warm.

    It's understandable that you feel it is necessary to rebuild the add-on with your own code - but I don't think Zippinus is going to accuse you of "stealing" if the machines continue to work as they have. If he comes back and picks up where he left off, great - if not, I don't expect he'll take issue to you doing it your own way.

  • Hmm, well yea, zip has been away and community really wants those machines, so I think its ok for you to like try to rebuild it. Afterall, well the idea of the mod will be always zip's :D

  • this is a graght idea anny upgrage the the :Recycler: is a good 1 becus its my fatret mushean

    sarry for bpelling

    That means: This is a great idea. Anny uprade to the :Recycler: is a good one, because it is my favorite machine.

    Sorry for spelling

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  • I must say your ideas are great- the three tire system is nice - I really have nothing to add to it,its perfect for me, i want to know how you plan on releasing this mod though - the solar panels are the best part of this mod for my small run-from home server for me and my friends - They really keep the usage of the mods data low. I wanted to know if you were going to release it in 2 parts.. Under the names Advanced Machines, and Advanced Solar Collectors- This would be the best release method in my opinion - your feedback?

    Also sorry for the clutter of this post, sort of scatter brained atm.

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