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  • I'm wondering if anyone knows of a resource calculator online (or list). For example, if I want to make 2 MFSUs, it will tells me how much of each resource I will require.

    I'm asking because I couldn't find one, and have made my own very basic one, just supporting what I am creating at the time (mostly nuclear related items). I know this reactor planner has an "Initial Resources" tab, but it gives half values, which seems a little strange. It also seems to give different results to what I'm getting, so am after something more definite to help me confirm the values my code is returning.

    Thanks for any guidance!

  • mmmm, a resource calculator. I haven't done much on IC2 lately. Holding out for the 1.0.0 version so i don't have to change my setups.

    A while back I made a solar panel factory (a post on the screenshots section of this forum), almost completely automated. I had to sort out a number of solar panels that would ensure that all the resources imputed were an interger. as you had restrictions like copper wiring (insulated) making 6 thus needing more that 1 panel to use it all. I think the number is 18 or something to make everything balance(quick example, would be less complex now with using advanced pipes).

    Anyways, that was a long way of saying I had to make my own calculator (in excel, I really should learn to program 8| ) for this. kudos to the calculator.

    I was just going through it and saw that you needed, to make a generator, 3 copper dust and 6 rubber for it. In essence that is true, but not quite accurate as you would still have 5 insulated copper cables left over (wastage for that specific process)

    perhaps something that tells you how many you could make (6 maybe for generators) and the resources needed for that ensuring that all the raw materials were used up. This is what i did for my solar panel production.

    coming back to the point. This is a really murky area. I thought I had found the issue. for the copper anyways I would imagine that it is the bronze as you need 1.5 copper dust to make one bronze. Somewhere there is an uneven number of advanced alloys would be my best bet.

    would love to see this for most of the machines, save me a few headaches once everything is updated for MC1.0.0


    Hell, prove me wrong, Happy to be so 99% of the time, then I can learn stuff :)

  • Thanks for the response.

    The copper wire issue for generators I'm aware of .. Just pondering on how to do it "properly", as it will effect any other object that wants <6 copper wire. I'm fairly confident that I've got the advanced alloys and bronze calculating correctly, increases the resources in steps of 2.

    The other day I wanted to make some quantum leggings and boots, so added those .. It calculated spot on.

    I'll likely work on it more today, adding more machines (I've been wanting to add the MFSU anyway), will let you know how that goes. :)

  • Ok, I've updated it rather quite a lot and am now including all machines listed under the "Machines" category in the wiki, as well as the transformers and energy storage blocks. I was manually calculating to compare with what was being returned and it all looks spot on.

    I redid the copper cable additions so that should be more realistic. The "debug" text will still show, comparing the old system vs new (try solar panel for an example).

    Click here for the new and improved resource calculator

    The list is becoming rather long now .. When I feel like rewriting it for the 4th time, I'll be sure to group the items (machines/generators/utility, etc). It'll get there eventually. ;)

    Let me know if you see anything that doesn't look right.

    I hope you find it of use, enjoy. :)

  • calculator bookmarked! 8)

    looking good. I see what you have done there with part usages. Also noticed that you used the recipe for the generator that requires a higher iron usage. The other recipe only needs 6 iron dust (still needs 8 cobblestone for a furnace however).

    good work

    Hell, prove me wrong, Happy to be so 99% of the time, then I can learn stuff :)

  • suggestion, add in a option to use, dust or raw. for calulating how much you need for starting up :)


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  • What do you mean exactly, how many raw ore blocks you must find? Not sure if I see the use in that .. What if you've a macerator? Just half the returned number on maceratorable items and you're good to go. ;)

  • What about having two columns in the resource list - one for exact usage (that has fractions of a resource), and one that's the minimum required to start from scratch (includes all the resources for a batch of subcomponents)

  • Your calculator got the cost of a basic generator wrong; it forgot the insulated copper wire for the top of the battery.

    That should double the copper dust and add one more rubber (you can coat 7 out of 12 wires and have it work out)

  • Your calculator got the cost of a basic generator wrong; it forgot the insulated copper wire for the top of the battery.

    That should double the copper dust and add one more rubber (you can coat 7 out of 12 wires and have it work out)

    Not from what I see, my calculator requests 3 copper dust and 6 rubber, enough for 6 insulated copper cables (enough for 6 generators from that 'batch' of materials).

    Where are you expecting the 6 copper to go? As the recipe requests just 1 battery, which is the only use for the copper in that recipe.

  • Ah, I'm sorry, I mis-calculated based on the 6 rubber. I for some reason (maybe making it so bloody much) associate '6 cables' in a recipe with an Electronic Circuit.

    You only need 1 insulated copper cable. Therefore you got the copper correct but rubber count wrong. You can make uninsulated cable, then insulate just the one you need.

  • If you try to make 6 Generators, the copper and rubber stays at 3 and 6, so it knows that there are left overs and puts them to use there. But for one, it is indeed not the most resource efficient method, it will be a little tricky to implement a switch to change the recipe depending on what's been selected, however as the calculator is meant for bulk/mass calculation of items, I'll leave it how it is. :)

  • You don't need to make a switch. Either way of making cables is equally efficient for the /same number of insulated cables/. The trick here is that you don't need the extra insulated cables.

  • Slight bump and a heads up for anyone still interested, as the calculator has gone though many improvements and updates since the last post. But most recently, have started adding RedPower items. Click :)