Sugesstion : Nuclear Power expansion

  • Sugesstion : Nuclear Power expansion

    As a big fan of nuclear enginering and spending alot of time on reactor planing I keep on wondering what could be even more awesome :)

    The idea is kinda simple : as reactor chanbers are addons to the reactor, there could be more different types of "additions" to the reactors.

    Few "blocks" comes to mind, but still it's one idea, it would be kinda silly to post seweral different posts...
    No Recipes, but the functions of blocks kinda deffine the parts needed by logic, I hope :)

    These addons wouldn't give additional colums or cooling at all (surounding thease in water dosn't either) but instead give a new type of effect or controlability.

    Heater chamber, for Breaders kinda like generator, but insted burn stuff to increase heat in a stable and semi-controlable maner.

    Cooler as it dosen't give any slots in which cooling could be added + chambers place 8 or more heat cooled from reactor hull, surounding this one with water would be actualy more afficiant than simple chanmbers.

    Stabilizer which would work like integrated heat dispenser, but between reactors, at a certain low rate like ~80-100 Heat per tick and could store in it self small amount of heat if reactor beside it starts overheating, but as a result could blow up by itself :) but this would be kinda unreall i supose...

    Reinforced Chanmber, Semi-Breader type of addon - like outside plating representation, giving huge boost to the reactors capability to store heat whitout exploding.

    Alfa proton Generator, every tick dispensing imaginary alfa particles to double the reaction speed, basicly as an aditional uranim cell beside every uranium cell, More power more energy, Faster heatup, FASTER & BIGER BANG

    Steam turbine chanber, little energy per heat, maybe a little cooling, but in a balanced maner so if used with Heater chamber it would make a verry verry verrrrry expensive generator :D

    Heat dispersion chamaber, suplied with redstone would tottay disable Hull's Heat to be substracted or vaporized by surounding factors.

    Maybe this is kinda Breeder oriented besides few points, sorry, theyre just too hart to control ...

  • Hrm...These are interesting, but kind of unnecessary. Perhaps as an Add-on?

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  • Al mentioned, in another post (about CASUC designs in the Nuclear Engineering sub-forum, I believe) that he's thinking of removing water buckets and ice from being used in reactors, and adding other types of additions to the reactor in place of the current chambers for cooling.

    Don't know if that's still being thought about, though.

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  • I really hope what ever changes do come allow greater creation of reactions that you can see before you open them up.

    I would really like the chambers to be built away from the core and connected with some type of line and given there own inventory. Then they can just transfer there heating/cooling/energy production to the core though some unifyed cable system. I also would like to be able to shut down the chambers indepenatly of the reactor core.

    just a example i made in my test land i would like a something like this to be functional, also then maybe the reactor wouldn't be limited to 1 core and 6 chambers but instead you could build power stations for say SMP servers.

    That way the core just deals with sending power out, then you could just load say the core with just fuel and just a chamber with cooling and use the heat exchanges to transfer heat too/from the hull

  • Kinda like where that idea in the picture is going.
    I could make my own suggestion thread about this but i doubt it would ever get implemented so...

    Instead of having chambers etc etc, make uranium rods that can be controlled by a piston like block to push/pull them.
    What you do is you push them into a containment chamber (A bunch of blocks that you have placed) and they start reacting with other uranium rods.
    Then you have a new kind of liquid (that is finite) that we can simply call reactor liquid. If the uranium rods heat up (due to them reacting with each other) the reactor liquid is evaporated.
    This evaporation event is picked up by a steam collector (It just knows a reactor liquid evaporated because it was informed of the event) which will produce EU's for every evaporated RL that "passes" through it. (Maybe make it more efficient the higher the energy of the evaporation event is)
    If there are more "steam" being produced that a single steam collector can handle then the evaporated RL will instead turn into a fog block. This is BAD because this fog block cannot be replaced with a coolant block. If you start getting fog blocks then your reactor will run out of control unless you pull the rods out (a slow process perhaps?)

    Since RL is finite, you have to produce it using IC machinery and feed it into one or more coolant injectors. These will replace any air block inside the containment with RL, which cools the uranium rods and turns to reactor steam.
    Any evaporated RL that goes into the steam collector / generator is either stored in the collector (to a certain point where it cannot store anymore) and to extract it you need to feed the collector with empty containers (a special type of item designed to contain the radioactiveness of the RL that has been through the reactor.

    To re-use RL you have to process it, you get one part clean RL and one part reactor waste (which can be used in the nuke recipe or used to heat up breeders.

    Well, you probably get the basics of this idea by now. Make the reactor a 3D experience, using lightweight code to implement it. Cache everything and only update that which has been changed when it changes. A complicated process but worth it IMHO.
    Such a reactor will also need to have it's update interval reduced. But it doesn't matter much though, the steam collector /generator can still use collected steam as "fuel" and output a steady flow of EU's.

    So far, this only implements the SUC/CASUC part of reactors. As for self contained reactors, you can add heat sinks in the reactor core to reduce the overall heat in the reactor. Reactor Liquid will be formed slower and any fog that would appear is taken up by heat sinks and re-converted to reactor liquid. Of course having heat sinks will reduce the rate of evaporation in the reactor chamber but that is needed unless you want to feed your reactor with fresh reactor liquid throughout the process.

    So, how does this design differ so much from the GUI version we have now? Well, the longer the rods, the better they perform but you also need to have a good mixture of reactor liquids and heat sinks etc.
    It's equally important to balance the energy generation with energy consumption in a reactor design, certain components will draw precious EU's to operate. Creating RL is a costly process in both materials and energy but with an efficient reactor design this will still give an overall gain of EU's.

    I leave the technical details/math unexplored right now since like i said, i doubt this will ever happen. But if it was to be implemented i would be willing to help out with that.

  • Xyberviri > Um, it seems that you didin't read the part about stabilizer

    Cadde > well isn't it's changing everyting... The Idea I given is moreorso given in the respect of old system just giving it an extension.

    Besides everyting else, some sort of advancment is goiing to be implemented, probobly not like mine, but I trust Albaka that it's going tobe Awesome or at least Insanely Good ^ ^ removing ice would make my reactors go bey bey in a bi-octa-big bang apocalypse of my world, but world is already lost when IC2 transfers to 1.0.0

  • I approve! Making nuclear power even more Hayoish. Am I using Hayo correctly? :Nuke TNT: If use nuclear waste should be quite easy to get and refine but require a lot of advanced alloy and carbon plate to craft, like a real PU bomb. P.S, suggestion is spelled wrong.

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  • Quote

    Alfa proton Generator, every tick dispensing imaginary alfa particles to double the reaction speed, basicly as an aditional uranim cell beside every uranium cell, More power more energy, Faster heatup, FASTER & BIGER BANG

    Actually, what you are wanting is an neutron injector.. which does exist btw..

    I was hoping for more along the lines of Thorium/Plutonium refinement and designs revolving around those types of fuels. But this works nonetheless, lol....

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