[IC2 Exp][1.7.10] Advanced Solar Panels v3.5.1 + Quantum Generator + Solar helmets !

  • I've added a workaround in ic2.

    Thanks! Is there any way to disable these log messages? It's filling my log like crazy :( 1.6G log in few minutes, had to go back to older build

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  • Welcome to the forums, What version of minecraft / what mods are you using?

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  • Hi, I have noticed a bug with the latest version of your mod. This bug occurs with the textures. If you load the game with your desired textures already loaded, there is no problem, but if you change the texture pack in-game (or even if you change them in the main menu, and load the game without restarting the client) then the textures on the items are glitched, the blocks are okay, but the various types of Sunnarium and other items are glitched. The textures are replaced with something else, what it is replaced with depends on the difference in texture pack size, and the number of mods loaded. For example, changing from 16x to 32x with no other mods loaded results in the textures merely being wrong, in my case, the Sunnarium texture was replaced with the boat texture. If many mods are loaded, then changing from 32x to 16x results in an item grid of anywhere from 2-4 items, or half an item if going from 16x to 32x. Changing from 512x to 16x results in a 16 x 16 grid of items replacing the item textures. This change is directly correlated to the initial loaded texture pack only, changing from 512x to 128x to 256x results in the same texture glitch as going directly from 512x to 256x. Returning to the original texture pack will return the textures to normal, also changing to a texture pack of the same size will result in normal textures (for example changing from vanilla to sphax 16x). I have checked the texture pack and there are no errors in their files, they are setup precisely the same as yours. I have tested this problem thoroughly, thinking at first it was a mod conflict, so I systematically removed my mods from the FTB Unleashed pack. Eventually I just had IC2, this mod and Forge. At this point I noticed the versions of IC2 and Forge did not match those of your recommended build in the thread (they were a few versions newer, well about a hundred versions newer :p) so I downloaded the recommended IC2 and Forge and tested this bug with them, and it still occurs. Thus with the absolute minimum amount of mods required to support this mod and with the recommended build, this bug occurs, and I can conclusively attribute the bug to the code of this mod (as other IC2 addons have no issues). I highly recommend that you fix this bug so that people debugging texture packs, like myself, can easily test our texture packs without exiting the game. Thank you in advance. If you need more information on this bug such as screenshots, just let me know.

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  • Hello, my name is Brian.
    I am making a mod-pack on technic launcher for myself and some friends. We would like permission to publish a pack with your mod in it. The mod-packs name will be Razors's Abomination. Currently, I have the modpack list that i would like to publish when I have permission from all developers here:


    Please let me know your thoughts, and give me something to quote in my page if you approve.



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  • Look at the OP. Author permitted use of all his mods in any modpack.

  • I'm getting error on world loading http://pastebin.com/WYRbPvzE if i place ultimate solar panel connected to a wire or machine. World loads VERY slow, TPS drops almost to zero, and never get higher than 5. Also if there are mobs nearby they multiply in huge quantities what also causes huge lags.

  • Addon updated !
    ChangeLog of Advanced Solar Panels v3.3.8
    + Ported to new IC build 1.118.401 and Minecraft 1.6.2 (Required Forge >
    + Some source code optimization