[IC2 Exp][1.7.10] Advanced Solar Panels v3.5.1 + Quantum Generator + Solar helmets !

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    Bug report

    Regarding to this. I put down A mystery Block from AdvancedSolarpower addon mod to IC2 this error came. it was id:3 <- it gave me a mystery block. and NPE. 98# build MCPC bukkit. Second time I did this it corrupted my world.

    version. 3.0.0
    CraftBukkit : craftbukkit-1.2.5-R1.3-MCPC-SNAPSHOT-98

  • Another bugreport on bukkit side...

    Same stuff.

    The Gui is faulty somehow when it rains and the ultimate solar panel should make 64eu/t it does, but after few moments it swiches from 64eu/t to 512eu/t and it shows the full power solar picture... While it's still raining.

    See the moon

  • Hi. again =)

    Solar panels in the orginal version seem to work progressively. Currently Advanced solar panels seem to just pump 2 different outputs.. 64eu/t and 512eu/t "ultimate hybrid" I wonder if the api enables same kind of conditioning for addon solar panels..

    For example ic panel decreases power output if it has a block in 4 sides blocking sun from left right back and forth. ASP's don't do this. 512eu/t output is easy to get at dawn... When the sun is not even totally up..

    I suggest that (max) 512eu/t output is possible only at peak hour.. when sun is directly above and the panel has nothing around it. and only for few minutes for a day... And if it is above cloud layer.


  • Good idea :)

  • The config file is fucking blank. Nothing I can do about it. All I can ask is: please, upload here the default config file so I can at least modify the IDs.

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  • I have just read about this mod, since i know if i would use to many normal IC2 solar panels it would cause my server to lag.
    About the recepy and the comments i read about it. i would say the power generation is to much! And the stuff needed to craft is perfect.
    Its costly yes, but WTF u complain about that it needs UU .... to use a mass fabricator firstly u would allready need alot of power generation.
    Atm i run a MKII nuclear generator @ 120 EU/t. this gives me over a cycle of 2h50 min 24 or 26 mil energy!
    I am using 11 MFSU's connected to redstone and redpower lights to indicate their status (10-100% and low power warning when last MFSU only has power, total of 110mil EU)
    atm i'm keeping my battery around 90% and fire up the nuke at 70 ish%
    So to get the same output of 1 of the highest solar panels of average 256 EU/t day+night cycle i would need to gave 2 nuke reactors running.
    I rly think the recepy seems fine for what it is. and those who complain about the cost, check how much work and resources u need to get a full nuke + 6 reactors running!
    all that said, i will prob try your mod this week and get it on my server. altough i will prob lower the value's of the energy production.
    10 / 64 / 200 seem fine to me, maybe i'll even lower then last one to 120, to make it run like a MKII reactor.
    FYI: if u complain about the cost, i realy don't know what u do in minecraft, run around and counting EU ticks? i'm always to busy making stuff and sorting more stuff so my hours fly by! The idea of these imo is to replace and add more power to a current production without having to make huge complexes at cheaper prices ! 1 solar panel producing 200 eu instead of 200 panels @ 1eu for 1/4th of the resource. id take the 1 block over the 200.

  • can you help me i dont know how to install it in my server bukkit i try to put in the folder mods and it doesn't work i try to put in the craftbukkit folder and i got error again here my log:

    can you help me please.

  • can you help me i dont know how to install it in my server bukkit i try to put in the folder mods and it doesn't work i try to put in the craftbukkit folder and i got error again here my log:

    can you help me please.

    Take it up on mcportcentral, they mucked up their port of IC2.

  • Addon is updated !
    + Updated to Minecraft 1.3.2 and new IC 1.106.
    + Now addon is universal for client and server
    + Added 4 charge slots in solar panels (you can charge 4 items !)
    + Added disable options for all crafting recipe in config file (if you think, that some panels is overpowered).
    + Addon now is fully customize in config file !!!
    + Added Quantum generator for "map makers" and "server admins"
    + Fixing GUI rendering bug in solar panels (night rate not display correctly)
    + Reduce base output rate for Advanced Solar Panel from 10 eu to 8 eu

    P.S. I hope that develop team of IC2 fixed bug with "ghost cable net" (destroyed cables not removes from Energy net).

  • DAMMIT! Now I'm torn once more between this & Compact Solars... Good work.