IC2 1.42 Patch Notes / Bugfix List!

  • Please, I very need them, where are they? ;(

    Yep, I am from Russia, and yep, my english isn't good enough...
    So if.. if you dare to laugh of me, I.. I will find you and destroy with all our Soviet nuclear bombs, bwahahaha!
    Naah, I'm just kidding ^^ ... not. :|

  • As stated in the blog, 1.42 is a port. Nothing else mentionable changed.

    So you didn't fix the wind generators typo? They still update every 128 ticks except tick 1024, 2048 etc etc? ;)

  • hi did you have time to check if IC2 is ready for blockID extending mods?

    im just curious because i cant test it, both mods need to be updated to the newest forge version xD

    anyway thanks for 1.42 finaly i have a good reason to play some minecraft again i just cant live without ic2 anymore :love:

  • Primarily a port, as Alblaka said, I do remember though that I fixed a negligible NullPointerException that was messing my own world up, related to armor, in my case the batpack I had on was preventing the world from running. Anyway, the next version will have lots of little fixes, such as the windmill typo. Assuming my fixes get included in the GUI id conflict hotfix...

    Lesson 1: Watch over your crops....