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  • anyway arron u are starting to be a right dick u used to like u until u got a rank up it was actually fun and u where nice. but now that u got to be mod u are being such a dick. dosent help that now u are a admin u have accses to ban people sniper u might aswell say bye to all they people on server since he is gunu just ban them all and by they way u better of not ip ban me or ban my bro becuase u are being a ass hole.


    Sorry, but I often fail on grammar :D

  • I never swore at you directly, i swear but not at people diretctly. You came on today with the attitude of a camel. It was not very plesent, therefor your bans still stands

  • Well you swore quite a few times, so no more comments on the subject. Your never getting unbanned.

    EDIT: The server is down.

  • Hey I'm just wondering... BC 2.2.10 isn't out for bukkit, and IC2 1.4.3 has a conflict with forge 1.2.3 which is required by redpower2 pr4b. Just wondering?

  • Hey I'm just wondering... BC 2.2.10 isn't out for bukkit, and IC2 1.4.3 has a conflict with forge 1.2.3 which is required by redpower2 pr4b. Just wondering?

    It all works fine for us users. Also the patch was done by the server owner for BC 2.2.10 so that we could have it on bukkit.

  • Fixed the Luminators ^^

    And riyt : mcportcentral is not the only source for bukkit ports :P And yes BC 2.2.10 on bukkit was a fix made by me, but now it's offically ported.

    Sorry, but I often fail on grammar :D

  • I think I did something wrong. I entered the nether portal next to spawn and now I can't connect to the server properly. Is there a way I could be helped out of this spot?

  • Portals no longer work on there own so people entering nether portals wont work and we recommend you dont use them. Portals are now controlled by a plugin.

  • Mr. Sniperfield, can you add Railcraft because there are no teleport pipes? It provides a less haxy way of transporting liquids across land, not to mention speed rails are amazing.

    Also, woud you consider adding Forestry and Iron Chest Addon ? They are both handy and welcome additions to the industrial minded miner.

  • Sniperfield, could you delete my Player Data ?

    i cant login, cuz i will get the dirtscreen all the time

    I had this is mroe then this server a long time ago.

    I dont have anything inportent on me, so you can delete the Data itself (?ont remove the Mod Rank :P )

    :MFS-Unit::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Tesla Coil: MinecraftCow MinecraftCreeper MinecraftPig MinecraftZombieman MinecraftSkeleton MinecraftSpider
    :Geothermal Generator:

  • I'm fairly certain that the server is down. Probably needs to be restarted.

    EDIT: It's not down, it's just lagging to high heavens. Probably needs to be restarted anyway.

  • Considering that I've never seen more than 1 person connected at a time using the town as their primary residence, I would like permission to draw 128EU/t Medium Voltage current from the municipal power supply, instead of my provided 32EU/t. If I recall correctly, the town at its current capacity is more than able to sustain this rate of power usage; I'll seldom use all of the current anyway.

  • i think the GUI ID is messed up on that one, im using a vanilla config, freshly generated, and it crashes me. possibly an error on my part, just thought i would report it

    EDIT: definitely not my fault, i set it to autoassign in the config


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  • Sorry for the Downtimes, Laggs and Server Crashes yesterday.

    1. There is a bug with empty QuantumSuits, which causes the server to crash.
    2. My hosting company had yesterday problem with their network system, not my fault.
    3. Be aware, that Minecraft 1.0.0 is still bugged like a beta-software and we make mods for this. :P

    Server is online again and runs lagfree atm.

    Sorry, but I often fail on grammar :D