Suggestion: Regarding Reactor Accidents

  • Hello,

    first of all I want to say THANK YOU FOR THIS AWESOME MOD! I hope you enjoy my little donation yesterday ;)

    Now here comes my suggestion:

    When I build a reactor and I surround it with Reinfored Stone there is no risk anymore when I overheat my reactor and it explodes. The only thing I loose is the reactor itself (ok, its quite expensive but once a proper industry is setup its quite easy to produce a new one). So my suggestion is, you make a reactor accident a little bit more annoying (but in a funny way):

    When a reactor overheats (and currently explodes), instead of overheating let him smelt. Replace the reactor blocks with a sort of radiation slime source block that behaves like lava but is green. In the enviroment of the radiation slime every living creature gets damage (except slimes). Also in the enviroment of the radiation let slimes spawn.

    So players really have to clear up the mess they caused ;)

    Another further going idea would be, to collect the slime and build "dirty bombs" which exlode like an A-Bomb but spawn a lot of very big slimes as well ;)

    I would be very happy if you take my idea into consideration or answer me why you dont like it.

    with best regards,

  • Pseudo-Radiation in the form of Slimes.

    Funny, interesting, but a giant explosion is probably enough.

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  • Thats the best idea about radiation on the forums i seen yet.

    But the only thing:why the bomb spawn slimes?

  • Quote

    I consider this idea highly amusing. Though i'm afraid people would start to abuse exploding reactors to farm slime XD

    Wait, why not?
    You'll have to craft one, to craft some cells, and wait for it to explode, and only after that you will have that radioactive flowing junk where slimes will spawn. Oh, wait, we could make every mob caught into that radioactive junk mutate into slimes for examle :Р

    And, we could even use bucket to collect the junk, but it will damage you while carrying...Or smthing else.

  • Or, instead of the slime spawning, have a small chance that instead of exploding, the reactor has a meltdown and spawns "melted core" blocks (50% for each u-cell in the reactor). These are like sand (obey gravity) but melt any block directly below them after a few seconds, including re-stone/glass, and maybe even a config option for bedrock if you really want to be hardcore. Blocks directly adjacent to a melted core block are changed to a radioactive block (damages entities like a hot reactor does). Basically you end up with a giant radioactive hole in the map. (Minecraft China syndrome) :P

    Edit: Bonus for having the melted core come through the roof of the Nether at the appropriate coords the next time you go down there. :)

  • In addition to green lava melting it's way out the bottom of the reactor you could give the blocks in a larger area a green snow coating that also did damage to most entities near it (probably at more of a mild annoyance rate than with green goo.)

    I'd like to work in radioactive smoke and water as well- though I don't have any ideas for those besides making some purifier machines to slowly siphon the radioactive materials. Could allow for some interesting stuff further down the line with new mining hazards though.