Different Fuel EU Amounts

  • I was looking at the Canning Machine and Fuel Cans on the wiki, and it didn't really document much on how much you get from the two kinds of Fuel Cans. So I made a test world and checked how much various types of fuels give you.

    Fuel Cans filled with BioFuel cells give you 26040 EU when used in a Generator(this information is on the wiki, although it doesn't say it's specific to BioFuel Fuel Cans)

    Fuel Cans filled with CoalFuel Cells give you 76440 EU when used in a Generator(NOT on the wiki)

    1 Coal/Charcoal give you 4000 EU in a generator(common knowledge)

    64 Sugar Cane will give you 7680 EU when used in a Generator(much less efficient than taking 48 of them and making one BioFuel Fuel Can)

    64 Cactus will give you the same amount as 64 Sugar Cane

    1 Wooden Plank gives you 750 EU

    1 Wood(tree block) gives you 750 EU

    For Equivalent Exchange users:

    Mobius Fuel gives you 64000 EU in a Generator

    Alchemical Coal gives you 16000 EU in a Generator

    Thanks for your time, and I hope that it helps.

  • looking good

    I recommend you update with these values yourself. anyone can, and that is the only way the wiki is updated.

    one other number. 1 Mobius fuel gives about 64 or 65k EUs when put in a generator. been a little while since i tested it.

    Hell, prove me wrong, Happy to be so 99% of the time, then I can learn stuff :)

  • aaactually, all but the EE stuff is on the wiki it's just on the generator page.
    good to know that the vales are still accurate though.

  • Just to note that the info on vanilla burnables is indeed in the IC2 wiki, just not in the Fuel Cans section (it would be wise to paste it there), it has always been in the Generator page. It would be great to add a "mod integration page" with info of EE, Forestry, Railcraft, etc and their data on EU generation.

  • I updated the Fuel Can page with a sentence directing people to the Generator page for detailed information on the amount of EU produced by fuel cans placed in a Generator.