Quick help with machine layout

  • Ok using a combination of mods, but mainly ic2, I have build a wonderful system of red power block breakers, feeding recyclers, feeding my mass fab. Each stage of the machine is controlled from a control room where I am hoping to gain more control lol. Atm the block breakers feed a central chest and that chests blocks are pumped in to recyclers. The problem ofc is that the block breakers are impos to get just right so they produce as much as the machines use. I have a lever in the control room which switches all the block breakers on and off when I need to, and I have a red light linked to the power box cable which feeds the recyclers, so when the recyclers arent working, ie have run out of blocks, the light comes on. This works great but I have no way, without going to look, to see when the chest is filled up. On a normal day I would make the input pipe go into the side of a chest and the overflow fall in to lava, but in this case the machine build is too densly packed to allow any kind of adjustment.
    So what I am hopeing for is any way to either display a chests contents remotely, or tell me when theres overflow, or something like this.
    I know I use a big combo of mods but IC is the main one for this layout and I'm hoping someone knows a good solution :p
    Appreciate any help!

  • List of MODs and what machines your using would help out a bit.
    PS: 1 block breaker if setup right can feed 2 recyclers to keep them feed at all times (Better the setup though harder it is on your computer)
    You trying to make a UU-Matter Factory as small as possible?

  • RP2 item detectors have a 'stuffed' mode which will detect when a chest on the other side is full. The main issue I have with them ATM is that they loose track of items if a stack is pulled through (they only send pulses so fast and forget the last stack if a new one comes through). I'm going to have to switch it to stack at once mode and try with filters instead of transporters.

  • There is another method. Use two chests. If the second chest is full you can't pump items from the first chest to the second, so a item-detector between both chest won't give signals. That's the probably easiest solution which doesn't require additional mods. Haven't tried the jammed-condition of the detector, but this setup leaves you with a second backup chest, which isn't that bad either.