[128x] and [64x] NP IC" texture pack Updated for [IC² 1.109]

  • I was just wondering: if by what you say that they are "updating their mods frequently", is that because the updates are for 1.4.7?

    If so, then you can wait to update them as it's currently just a snapshot and not an official release. Many modder won't update their mods because of that. It would free so much of your time for what you want to do.

    No mods dont work like minecraft when they update to new version of minecraft they tend to just add compatibility fixes and rarely add new content. A lot of mods tend to add new content in between minecraft releases once the code is stable. If I was to put of updating my packs at this time and waited for a new minecraft release my texture packs would become badly outdated and I would have a ton of work to do. That is why I try to get my packs updated the 2nd mods get updated but because I now support so many mods it is getting increasingly difficult to keep on top of things.

    Because of this I shall be discontinuing work on a few more mods at some point.

  • New mod texture pack, updates and news

    The New mod texture pack

    Steves carts

    Texture pack updates

    Below is a list of changes and updates

    Factorization = fixed file structure
    Forestry = beealizer GUI fix
    Logistics pipes = added new textures
    NP Smooth = the old zombies are gone and I have replaced them with ones that I feel fit better
    Thaumcraft 3 = changed the zombie texture to reflect changes to NP Smooth


    First of all I would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported my work over the last year and a half. I originally started creating texture packs because I enjoyed it but sadly this is no longer the case and it has become hard work for me. Constantly swamped with updates and requests I have no time to actually enjoy the work I am doing or even play minecraft and even struggle to find time to create or update packs. So because of the above I would like to announce my retirement from texture pack creating and leave you steves carts texture pack as a retirement gift.

  • That's truly sad news. Your textures were one of the best I've seen in recent months.

    Best wishes, dude, in whatever you choose to do. Maybe, in the future, you'll return.

    Until then, good luck and Godspeed, Nuttyprot.

  • That's truly sad news. Your textures were one of the best I've seen in recent months.

    Best wishes, dude, in whatever you choose to do. Maybe, in the future, you'll return.

    Until then, good luck and Godspeed, Nuttyprot.

    It wont be the last you see of me I still have a few packs that I have been working on over time and not had a chance to release them i shall get them finished but after that updates shall be slow if at all.

  • Coming Soon lots of new texture packs
    First of a list of texture packs you can expect very soon.

    • Chicken Chunks (New) ready for upload
    • MFFS (Update) ready for upload
    • misc peripherals (New) ready for upload
    • Omni Tools (New) ready for upload
    • Soul Shards (New) ready for upload
    • Xycraft (New) Note only world part is supported as other parts of the mod are not released yet ready for upload
    • Railcraft (Update) ready for upload
    • Easy Crafting (New) ready for upload
    • EE3 (New) 50% done
    • Chargepads (New) 15% done
    • Gravity Gun (New) 50% done

    Note on my retirement
    As people know I am basically retired from creating texture packs the above mods are ones that I have been working on before I announced my retirement and I decided I may as well finish them. People may also notice a pattern with the above releases they will complete the FTB Direwolf mod pack when 1.5 hits I shall be retiring fully. As people know I am a huge Direwolf fan and he is one of the reasons I got into texture pack creation for mods. Once I have finished the above packs I shall be making an all in one Direwolf texture pack and maintaining this pack. All other mods not in the direwolf pack shall be very very low priority and updates will be very slow if at all. I hope you understand my reasons for doing this but with the amount of mod texture packs I have created it just became way to much for me to handle.

  • New texture pack releases and updates
    Today I bring you six new texture packs. Lot of the packs have been a wip for some time and decided to get them released before my full retirement when 1.5 hits.

    • Chicken Chunks (New) released
    • MFFS (Update) released (Not backwards compatible)
    • misc peripherals (New) released
    • Omni Tools (New) released
    • Soul Shards (New) released
    • Xycraft (New) Note only world part is supported as other parts of the mod are not released yet Released
    • Railcraft (Update) DELAYED the mod just updateed again with new textures will be done when it is done
    • Easy Crafting (New) Released


    Railcraft updated couple textures not done as I don't think they are used yet.

  • Direwolf texture pack released
    Yep it is done i know a lot of people have been waiting for this. Today I bring you the Direwolf all in one pack (please note twilight forest mod is not done and shall not be done). This pack is for ver 5 of direwolf’s lets play and is not backwards compatible. Any bugs feel free to let me know. Also remember due to the shear amount of textures in this pack it will take a while to load.

    Updates for today are as followed
    Thaumcraft 3 (yes i know the latest release of the mod has only just come out I need to learn to sleep) Also a few bug fixes included in this update
    Iron Chest mod
    Steves Carts


    Buildcraft updated added missing textures and direwolf packs updated to reflect changes to buildcraft and a couple of bug fixes

  • Direwolf pack updated for V5.0.1.
    Thermal Expansion has been updated I changed the hammer texture back into a hammer to prevent clashes with Omnitools mod texture pack.
    Wireless redstone has been updated with a fix for the remote making this pack fully compatible with the mod.
    Lastly Extra Bees mod texture pack has been updated with new items (Note in the items file are some texture I have used the default ones for as I do not think they are currently used and have no idea what they are

  • Lots of texture pack updates
    First of like to apologise for the slow updates I have had a pretty nasty chest infection over the last few weeks. Below is a list of all the updated texture packs.
    ChargePads (New textures added)
    Compact Solars (new textures added)
    DW AOI (Added missing textures from currently supported mods the mods that have been added to the DW pack are no supporteed)
    Forestry (Added new textures and Craft guide UI textures)
    Misc Peripherals (new textures added)
    Mystcraft (New textures added not backwards compatible)
    Railcraft (Bug fix forgot to ad limiter track in last update of the 128 edition)
    Steves carts (All new textures added)
    Thermal Expansion (All new textures added)
    Wireless Redstone Chickenbones edition (Bug fix for the pack really wish the mod would fix the HD texture support)

    Enjoy and take care .

  • New texture pack released today this time for Thaumic Bees a handy little mod that adds some really nice features to Forestry bees. The direwolf pack has also been updated to include Thaumic Bees compatibility

  • Lots of texture pack updates including direwolf pack

    • Ender storage has new file structure and ender tanks textures done
    • Gravisuit mod new textures have been added
    • Mystcraft changed one of the blocks textures
    • Railcraft new textures added
    • Steves carts new textures added
    • thaumic bees new textures added
    • thermal expansion new textures added
    • Xycraft new world texture added (I will not be doing the machine blocks due to the way the mod renders them)

    I cant see the mods getting many more updates for 1.4x due to 1.5 being on the verge of release So this is likely to be the last update you get from me. I shall update for 1.4X but wont e updating any of my packs for 1.5.

  • I still wonder how you could manage to get the xycraft blocks into EVEN HIGHER DEFINITION.

    You can never have enough Medli IC2.