[IC2 Exp][1.7.10] Advanced Machines 1.1.6

  • Hello, Using the current version (1.5.1) every time i hook any form of exaction up to any of the advanced machines it extracts from every slot in the device no matter what side i attach my pipes too.

    the regular ic2 machines do not seem to have this issue as i downgraded to regular macerators and the loading and unloading system is working just fine..albeit slow hehe.

    anyhow just wondering if there is something i missed or if i have found a bug.

  • It seems AtomicStryker forgot to implement the new better and still partially obfuscated ISidedInventory of vanilla Minecraft.

    I only recall some ridiculously obfuscated interface with 2 methods and no clue how it works or to use it. Is it used now? Eh, i'll check.


    Well, i think i got it implemented. Thats a definite MAYBE. Download 4.9 again and try it, i guess.

  • I've just updated the 4.9 build against the current API found in the ic2_lf jenkins (i was on the other, old, one apparently). I've also run it to make sure it works. As for automation, i dont have anything to test with. Hoppers only work with Inventories above them, and my AdvancedMachines dont react (correctly) when "sucked" from below.

  • Well, I managed to fix the crash problem with the Rotary Macerator I was having. I don't know how though. On a hunch, I made a new instance of minecraft using forge 665.

    A quick test with NEI got it to work, and then with my old save I made as well.

    I hate the "windows fix", but it looks like it worked. Whatever it did.

    My current save has it working like a charm now. I seriously have no idea why it was broken before, but not now. Oh well.

  • Minecraft carshes when i put something ( :Copper Ore: , :Tin Ore: etc) on an advanced machine, i hope you solve this bug soon.