[Addon 1.112]Advanced Machines Original v1.8a

  • will this work with ic2 1.112 for minecraft 1.4.6
    i want to add your AdvancedMachines to my FTB game
    its way better

    It says 1.112 in the title.

    Disappointed with the bugs and nerfedness of AtomicStryker Corp's Advanced Machines, and the unupdatedness of Snyke's Enterprises?
    Need low-lag renewable power?
    Come to ImmTech Intragalactical this thread for free UUM!

    Note: UUM may stand for Unnerfed Unbuggy Updated Machines and may not be actual UUM. The extra U was lost due to a bit error.
    Battery snot included.

  • Hey Snyke,

    I was looking to create a DireWolf20 Season 4 Retro 1.2.5 modpack for the FTB Launcher.

    Would I be allowed to include an old version (v1.5) in it?

    -Kilian 'Shamu'

  • Ditto.
    I'd love to use this mod in my FTB private pack, but we need your permission.

    Permission granted! I do not check this topic that regularly, so everyone who reads this and wants permission aswell - PM or email me via this forum.