[Suggestion] Some recipe changes

  • 1. Nope railcraft concept its what im talking about (Although i only messed with railcraft once a while ago), You don't only need the recipe+materials but you also need Energy to make the machines.
    2. To make things simpler, the machine itself could store already made recipes so you only have to place the materials a la "Project Table" of RP2 to make it with a few clicks. Of course old and vainilla recipes could also be made this way so its like a super upgrade for the crafting table.
    3. Higher tier recipes of course should only be available using the assembler. (The assembler could even use a bigger crafting grid if it likes to do so)
    4. And yeah i also love TC2 researching, although i would like if it were a bit less randomish.

    1. Painful when I was trying it. Switching crafting benches and rolling machines drove me crazy. Enough to uninstall, sadly.

    2. If it stored it and I could press a button, and not require making the recipe again, I might agree. While the game is called 'Minecraft', it's not 'Mining' and 'Craft items'. It's 'Crafting a World'. You can only craft so many items until it's too boring to want to play anymore.

    3. Can't disagree- 4x4 does allow for more crafting... But I dunno if Al would even want to try. FC would probably go up in arms complaining about how IC2 copied his mod.

    4. It's been tuned a bit recently- Less random and a few 'Lines' of research added.

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  • Fenix. Baby. You make my day. This utility expansion for gold would be just the thing I want to see. The reason is short, but the build-up to the reason is big and involves a lot of mid-/high-tier IC technologry. Like so:

  • WOW... this is win ^^^. In fact, once gold is changed to be much more used and useful, I think that will give lots of uses to ALL of minecraft and IC2's precious resources, won't it? I mean, unless you count stuff like blaze rods and ghast tears... ;)

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