Fun: Diary of the last survivors of the spambot apocalypse

  • A Rock Raider: MC-324B and MC-532A are going round! (They were squared off when their matrices were installed) Guess their matrices weren't hardened.

    Chief: Anyone on them?

    Rock Raider: I think the Ic2 dev team is on them.

    Chief: (Alarmed) Some one send a shuttle now!

    A Rock Raider Trained as a pilot: On it!

    Raider: What mess.

    A Rock Raider trained as an Engineer, among other things.

  • Finally after several months building in my base, I have completed my spaceship build. Now I will start the fusion reactor

    ##bcIntegration OS##
    Boot sequence completed
    user>start fusion 1
    Initiating fusion reactor start sequence...
    Coolant compressor 1 online
    Coolant compressor 2 online
    Coolant compressor 3 online
    Coolant compressor 4 online
    Activating power exchange cable
    Starting fusion reactor...
    Reactor at 100% power
    kitchen kitchen kitchen hose crimping machine
    ALERT Initiating SCRAM
    ALERT SCRAM fail
    ALERT Coolant compressor 1 offline
    ALERT Coolant compressor 2 offline
    ALERT Coolant compressor 3 offline
    ALERT Coolant compressor 4 offline

    *running to reactor room*
    I need to open all plasma exhaust valve... hopefully that won't send all spambot to me
    *opening first plasma valve*
    *pinned down*
    I need to save this ship!
    *opening all plasma valve*
    *pinned down again*
    *machines powering down*
    Don't say I'm in space
    *Look to the window and see minecraftia is getting smaller and smaller*
    This is no good, I need to power up emergency thruster system and circularize my orbit, because I don't have any power to power up either my teleportation system or to land this spaceship safely
    *Thruster firing*
    Now its safer... Wait, what is that?
    *several thousand spambots with mining laser approaching the ship*
    This ain't good... although I still have enough force energy, it won't last forever. If only I have any energy to power up all my lasers and missiles...
    *A barrage of missiles hit the ship*
    This ship force field won't hold up for long..Wait,isn't that my old space shuttle? I wonder what I can use it now... YES! I remember in the old shuttle there is a ancient CASUC, hopefully it have enough energy to power up the main fusion reactor... however there is several spambots with lasers blocking my way... seems I need to use my prototype weapon

    Dota 2 player at SEA server.

    For me nothing is OP. It just a mod for fun and I'm playing it for fun. Unless it created items from nothing. Automining not included, neither do in case of self replicating machine. However GregTech is still good, so:

    GregTech Documentation Task Force Needed!

  • -------Beginning Transmission--------

    Location: Far lands

    Sorry for my last message, I was loosing power, and my messages were being corrupted.Any wa-..... there is t-.... new breed.... spambots that are corrup-.....-awning out of corru-.. -ata in.... far lan-.... This messa-..... corrupted, I live nea-..... corr-... da-.. pool, Stu-.....-upted data pools. Remember, bew-.... corupt-... spam -............

    -------Signal lost--------

    If you have never heard of the Farlands, you're missing out.

    The farlands supports GregTech

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  • *Wears quantum suit with gravichestplate*
    It's time I go to the old shuttle, and from there hopefully I can do transmission without destroying my main ship
    *Flying to the old shuttle*
    Now let's start the CASUC... Hopefully it have enough energy to start up the main fusion reactor... wait oh no the spaceship shield is flickering! I need to go faster
    *flying the shuttle to the ship*
    *connecting HV cable to the ship electrical system*
    *engine humming up*
    Now its better! Now I will start the transmission
    -----Transmission started---
    This is my message, and in the time I transmitting this message, I am currently under attack by thousands of spambots. If you come here to help me, you may see me already dead, ship destroyed. However, there is a hardened section of this ship that have a lot of resources, enough to start a new civilization. It have its own thruster. Why I'm being chased by thousands of spambots you ask? There was a spambot that hacked my ship computer system and hijack the fusion reactor, more specifically dark matter/energy catalyzed fusion reactor, making it extremely close to meltdown. If that reactor is exploded, even if the reactor is several hundred kilometers above Minecraftia, it will vaporize its surface. It literally create sun for several seconds. So, to prevent that, I open up all the plasma vent valve, and several minutes later, I find myself at the moon orbit. That must created a large energy pulse that draws spambots here.
    ---Transmission ended---
    Now I just need to activate all the mining laser turrets, and go up close and personal with all those spambots!

    Dota 2 player at SEA server.

    For me nothing is OP. It just a mod for fun and I'm playing it for fun. Unless it created items from nothing. Automining not included, neither do in case of self replicating machine. However GregTech is still good, so:

    GregTech Documentation Task Force Needed!

  • ------DAY ???------

    Phew... finally out of that mine again... Wait... WHAT THE F*** HAPPENED HERE?
    My... my desert... it's... glassed!
    Ohmygod, oooh mygod, OH MY GOD!
    Where's my house? Yes, that direction... What the hell happened here?
    Oh, the glassed zone ends here... It looks like someone threw a plasma party...
    Thanks god, my house is whole...
    Well, time to macerate my ores!
    [Five days later]
    Okay, my radio is up and running!

    ------BEGIN TRANSMISSION------
    This is wasmic calling. Has anybody got any clue what happened in the eastern Sandblow Desert? It seems like it has been glassed, the sand has a hard surface.
    Any body knows if a nuke has blasted, or a conflagration bomb detonated?

    I don't know about the Sandblow Desert, but the Greenlush Jungle has been completely burned off by the spambots!



    No, should i?

    Where have you been for the last month? Underground?


    Oh... I see... Well, the spambots are invading, and we do everything we can to stop them! Sadly, there doesn't seem to be an end to their stream...
    OH SHIT THERE'S ONE! [...] Are you still there?


    Do you have a teleporter?

    No but i can make one in a couple of minutes.

    Please, hurry! The spambots have set my reactor up to self-destruct in 5 minutes!

    Okay, i'm working as fast as i can. Just try and hold the line!


    [Background noise: SELF DESTRUCT IN SIXTY SECONDS]
    Please, hurry!

    Okay, my teleporter is ready! Send me your cordinates!

    Okay: X is minus 500, and Z is 46702.

    Okay, establishing link...
    Come on, work faster!!!

    Shit, they've breached my defenses and are approa
    ------SIGNAL LOST------
    ------TRANSMISSION ENDED------

    Okay what's that error now?
    SHIT! They've got my location! Better dismount the teleporter and get ready for the attack...
    Okay, i've gotten a full Qsuit, fully charged. I think i will check out those old plans i found in that mine...
    Oh, it's a multi-block machine...

    ------Day 42------
    Okay, it's finally finished. Now, how does it work? It looks like i'm supposed to go in there?
    Now just to get it started...
    Ooooooh, a shiny GUI! What does that button do? Nononononononono, i can't just use a machine that i don't know what does... Who says those plans have ever been tested? It might blow up...
    Well, pressing the turn off button...
    *Gets strapped to the machine by the machine itself*
    SHIT! Is it starting now? Have i wired something wrongly?
    Oh shit, it's starting to glow, i don't think this is good...
    Why didn't i keep the Qsuit on, i would have been able to kick myself free!
    And now there's bolts of electricity everywhere!
    *Passes out*

    ------Day ???------
    What happened? Oh, i'm so dizzy... It's helping now... I'd better eat some food an- SHIT THE SPAMBOTS ARE APPROACHING!
    Okay, wasmic, pick up your machines and- no, get you qsuit on first...
    *Runs to the storageroom*
    Okay, there's my qsuit, now just to get it on...
    Wait... has it shrunk while i was unconscius? And everything else has also... wait a moment... now it's gotten even smaller...
    Oh... It must be me that's growing... but how...
    OF COURSE! That weird machine! Is anything else happening? OH FU**! This means that i can't wear my qsuit and fight them!
    I've got to send out a distress signal.
    *Gets to radio and tries to call for help. Nobody answers, and spambot horde is still approaching... at an alarming pace*

    ------BEGIN TRANSMISSION------
    ZzZ-Z This is a HAYOCORP automated message. Due to a spambot apocalypse, we can't sell you neither machines nor blueprints. Have a nice doom. ZzZZZzzZ
    ------END TRANSMISSION------

    Okay, seems like i'm going to make a sorta final stand...
    *grabs nanosaber and gets ready for fighting. Also prepares a nuke to detonate should I die.*
    Come and get me, scumbots!
    *Notices that I've grown so much that i have to break the blocks above the door to get out*
    500 feet to nearest spambot
    400 feet to nearest spambot
    300 feet to nearest spambot
    *Spam-fires explosive mining laser*
    200 feet to nearest spambot
    How many are there? It's like, they've sent 2000 to kill just me!
    100 feet to nearest spambot
    Do you want to buy a kitchen?
    50 feet. 40 feet. 20 feet. 10 feet.
    Chaos. I just hit and slice and dice, trying to keep them away. My higher size actually helps now.
    I got hit, but it's only a flesh wound.
    A loudspeaker sounds from high above.
    "This is GregTech automated rescue service. T minus 2 minutes to evac teleport."
    Okay, i might even survive this...
    And then my nanosaber ran out of power.
    I panicked. I started hitting them with my bare hands.

    And got surprised that my hands now had claws. And that my arms were grey.

    Age: 16. Favourite school subject: Physics/Chemistry.

    The IC2 forums could really use a lot more of [REDACTED], [DATA EXPUNGED] and ████████.

    I'm in a so called "after-school". It's freaking fantastic and nowhere near as boring as normal school!

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  • The battle raged. I had somehow been mutated, but I don't know how or to what. All I know is that it made me bigger, stronger, faster and armed with natural weaponry. I apparently also had four extremely pointy - and strong - tentacles growing out my back, though they felt like they were getting shorter by the minute. I realized that I was also slightly shrinking - not to normal size, but at least a little. My new claws also started getting smaller.
    This was really bad. I was also getting tired. Who knows when they will get me? Then i destroyed the last one. They apparently hadn't send a very big wave, as I was only one. The loudspeaker sounded again. "All spamnots are destroyed. Evac aborted."
    I was nearly normal again now. Someone was trying to connect to my radio.
    Better make a handheld one.

    ------BEGIN TRANSMISSION------
    "This is an automated broadcast. A large spambot horde has been spotted, approaching the Sandblow Desert. ETA: 5 minutes."
    BzzzzZZZzzz...... ZzzxZzbbzzz
    (another voice): This i Raider squad high underground recon team. Charge your nanosaber, you'll have to hold out for a minute.

    Wasmic: Roger that.
    ------END TRANSMISSION------

    The spambots approached. They were more than before, but this time they had guns. Then it struck me. I could fit my qsuit now! I quickly ran into my house, put on my suit and picked up my "safety nuke" and a stick of dynamite.

    Age: 16. Favourite school subject: Physics/Chemistry.

    The IC2 forums could really use a lot more of [REDACTED], [DATA EXPUNGED] and ████████.

    I'm in a so called "after-school". It's freaking fantastic and nowhere near as boring as normal school!

  • (OV-393 is acting a proxy for the other units. Armored Truck Two is monitoring the AO occupied by Wasmic. Upon detection on the large numbers of spambots, AT-2 notifies OV-382, OV-357, OV-361, and OV-334 and an engineer of the RRU Explorer. The engineer sends down a Mobile Teleport to a location near Wasmic for the establishment of a base of operation. Multiple Rock Raiders armed with pusher beams from both the RRU and LMS use the Mobile Teleport to reach the surface. Four fireballs appear in the sky as the assigned Orbiters enter the atmosphere. The units cool down and stop glowing as their speed decreases and a loud roar is heard as the nuclear turbofans start. One of the Raiders place a beacon and tool store is sent down. The four orbiters enter a hover at 300 meters and ready their lasers to cover the Raiders building. The Raiders grab tools and resources and construct a Teleport Pad and Power Station. Demobot uses the Pad to go to the surface and retrieves the machines for reverse engineering, using the Pad to send them back. More Raiders come down and grab additional beams to aid in the fight. It does not take long and from the sendout of the notification to complete evacuation of the AO, including Wasmic, takes only 45 minutes.)

    Research on the mysterious machine that briefly changed Wasmic is still ongoing.

    A Rock Raider trained as an Engineer, among other things.

  • I still don't really know what happened. The tests have been a bit inconclusive, but I was apparently very lucky, as using the machine has a very high mortality rate. The tests shows that my DNA has become unstable, but right now it doesn't show any weird tendencies. However, with increased stress comes a higher mutation rate, the scientists say... I don't know what to make of this, however. Does it mean that I will randomly transform into different... beings when in danger? Well, I guess only time will tell. The scientists say they don't know how to stabilize me, if it's even possible. Quite nice place this is, by the way. Nice people.

    (Off game: Is this an underground base, or is it in SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCE?

    Age: 16. Favourite school subject: Physics/Chemistry.

    The IC2 forums could really use a lot more of [REDACTED], [DATA EXPUNGED] and ████████.

    I'm in a so called "after-school". It's freaking fantastic and nowhere near as boring as normal school!

  • Raider: (To Wasmic) You are on the RRU Explorer, an interstellar mining exploration vessel. The instability is caused by an injection of either a prokaryote or polyvirus messing around with some of the tumor suppressing genes to the point of them hardly working at all, which explains the mortality rate. That also means that getting stressed will likely give you cancer or something else very bad. The large mass change won't happen again so long as you stay off of the MC planets until we get you to Earth and unmess the messed up part of the genome. On a side note, a polyvirus is why I have pointy, motile ears, long nose, a tail, and grey fur.

    A Rock Raider trained as an Engineer, among other things.

  • So, the RRU Explorer is actually really big. As in, REALLY big. I was given a sorta tour of it today, and i'ts just enormous. As i was on the bridge, looking at how they controlled the ship, i eventually grew bored and looked out of the window. We were apparently going to leave orbit in a few hours, so i cast a few more looks at my home world. A weird spot appeared far below the ship. It was getting closer by the minute. And suddenly i realized what it was and hurried over to the one who looked like he was important. I think he was, as he responded quickly to what i told him. I said:"Is it bad that a kitchen is rushing towards us with 500 miles per hour?"
    It apparently was. He told me to get to the escape capsule bay, just as a safety precaution. As i was on my way, i heard him send a squad of raiders to man the cannons. Going to the capsule bay turned out to be a bad idea. I had arrived and been there for a few minutes, when one of the capsules launched. Near- immediately after, a squad of raiders arrived. They told me to put on my Q-Suit, and so i did. A large hose cramping machine connected to the outside of the capsule dock of the capsule that just fired. And out of it came around hundred spambots. This didn't look good - my Q-Suit was nearly out of power. The raiders started shooting as many as they could, but they were just too many. and now they had surrounded the group and I. We backed up against a wall. The squad leader then commanded us all into an escape pod, as we launched, he spoke in his walkie-talkie - There aren't too many of them, but we got surrounded. To squads should be able to do it with minimal losses. And we flew down towards the planet below.

    A message came in over the radio. "All spambots on ship have been subdued. We suffered no losses, and two serious injuries, but not fatal ones. We lost contact to an outpost on ground a few hours ago. Would you mind steering your capsule there and checking out what has happened? We will send a transport to get you when you need it."
    The outpost was more like a sort of quick-erect fort, placed in a desert, although not the Sandblow Desert. This was much more rocky. The squad that saved me consisted of 8 men and their leader. That made ten with me. The outpost was completely deserted. There were no traces of the occupants of the fort - until one the squads raiders came running out of a building, screaming "IT'S A TRAP! I found a note from the outpost captain! The spambots have taken them prisoners, and now they're coming for US!" The squad leader hurried over to him and read the note. "It's true", he said.

    Next thing that happened, an alarm sounded. "ALERT: SPAMBOTS DETECTED. ALERT...". This was not good. They told me to charge my stuff, so i did. One of the raiders told me about the time that they had been stuck in orbit over a dark planet, forced to mine for green glowing crystals until they had enough to power the ship.
    That was when we saw the spambots approaching over a ridge. And they were many. Very, very many. The squad leader requested an evac, but as it came down, a giant kitchen sink hit its one engine, forcing it to emergency land i the fort. We had to make a stand. We stood and shoot over the wall. Every single shot hit a spambot, but they just advanced. They were so many. Thet eventually reached the wall of the fortress, and we still couldn't see an end to their stream. The pile of spambots below us grew higher and higher, and we were running out os ammo. They couldn't afford to nuke the spambots from orbit, as that would invariably kill us.

    Age: 16. Favourite school subject: Physics/Chemistry.

    The IC2 forums could really use a lot more of [REDACTED], [DATA EXPUNGED] and ████████.

    I'm in a so called "after-school". It's freaking fantastic and nowhere near as boring as normal school!

  • First, the LMS is a little shorter than a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and a image of it in CG Lego can be found here. Second the Explorers can be considered a Mother - Daughter pair, IE one, the Rock Raiders United, being made as a full scale working replica with modifications. Third, spambots don't last long on any of the vessels in the "makeshift" fleet, as either they can be thrown out directly, are taken over by one of the many Artificially Intelligent Vehicles, shot by an AIV (most are combat vehicles to begin with), shot by a Rock Raider, smashed by heavy equipment, crushed by an AIV (they are heavy), or something else destructive happens to them. Fourth, the LMS and RRU can only ram. Research into using the shield as an electromagnectic weapon has been done, but turned up little use.

    AIV Tracker recounted what has thus far been the worst that has happened to either vessel. The nuclear explosives have been depleted (I personally sweeped both vessels), so the worst that can happen is a blowout of one of the hull panels from the conventional explosives. The flight computers for both vessels have been switched over to the base OS on AIVs, RaidOS, in response to Tracker turning the LMS into the worlds largest remotely operated vehicle. Only once has a RaidOS based system has been cracked, and that was by an AIV that was centuries old that was "let in" was because of some bad sectors causing the firewall to half-crash and preventing the OS from being locked down (the normal response to a serious fault like that). Given that the flight computers each run at a RAID level rivaling that of sever farms, are independent outside of the "vote out" system, and have been put on a wired network as an added precaution, the limit of the chance of any troubles occurring from spambots as time approaches zero is zero, or for those o lower maths, it will take so much time for a spambot to cause "irreversible" harm that it can be considered impossible.

    Raider: Who brought a spambot aboard?

    (Some Rock Raiders eye toward one of the AIVs. Raider applies a suitable ballistic punishment.)

    Raider: Wasmic, you are not about the LMS or RRU anymore. The America (one of the four largest AIVs ever built (the other three are its sibling units, Freedom Fighter, Rescuer and Restorer) at 1100 feet long, 200 feet tall, and around 600 feet wide, the crewless spaceborn battleship is longer than a Nimitz-class carrier and more than twice as wide) tells me that you got teleported in most literal manner into its service compartments and then teleported you to an as of yet unknown vessel at an unknown location. The range is limited, even more so given the fact that failed to notice the change. There is an anther vessel with an unknown civilian Identity Friend of Foe signal nearby that appears to have a cannon of some sort. Double F (Freedom Fighter) cought a glimpse of the markings while retargeting one of its laser turrets. It may be a GregTech vessel. I'll have a bot pick you up.

    Wasmic: What do you mean teleported in the most literal manner?

    Raider: Port means carry. You should be able to figure it out.

    Wasmic: What do you mean by carry? You mean I was carried off the LMS Explorer?

    Raider: As of 200 years ago, AIVs have the ability to teleport to a point in space. They can also bring objects that are in contact with them along for the ride. Something that must be said about that condition it that it is an intentional software limitation, so it might be that you were brought there from a distance.

    A Rock Raider trained as an Engineer, among other things.

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  • --Loading 32768 bit Encryption--

    --Begin Transmission--
    =Translation BEGAN=
    Location: PLANET_CODE_8569
    This is the Aclactia Quadrant 5 Army.
    We believe that your Planet -=CODE_678=-
    is under attack by spam bots
    WE WILL pRoVIDE Any assistance needed
    we have an IRIDIUM-OSMIUM Fusion Reactor Available
    THE REACTOR can sufficiently start a wormhole ThaT COULD SAVE YOUR PLANET
    GregoriousT CEO of GregTech Intergalactic, we can send you a continuous steam of gamma ray energy to destroy all the robots on your planet
    <32768 bit encryption REGENERATING>

  • *all laser turrets firing*
    Alert detected a ship on collision course with this ship
    Wait what? This cannot be true
    *start transmission*
    Thepowdertoy: This is Banhammer, do you read?


    Thepowdertoy: Please change your course to 090, do you read?


    Some random ship: kitchen kitchen kitchen

    This ain't good, we have a spambot controlled ship in collision course with this ship, wait what is that? I can barely see the writing on the ship... It says RRU something something.. Wait, is that the same ship that Rock Raider talked about?

    Thepowdertoy: This is Thepowdertoy, the owner of Banhammer. Raider, do you read?

    Raider: Yes. what do you want?

    Thepowdertoy: I need a full specification of your RRU ship, its weapon system, its propulsion system and your project to use the shield as an electromagnetic weapon

    Raider: It can only ram

    Thepowdertoy: NEVER EVER underestimate the power of ramming ship. It can easily create more damage than a nuke if it have enough mass and enough speed

    Raider: Uploading all the ship spec to your computer

    Thepowdertoy: Thanks now I just need to deal with this collision. AI, status

    AI: Collision imminent

    Thepowdertoy: Fusion reactor and air status?

    AI: Fusion reactor are running at 78%, air reserve is for several years

    Thepowdertoy: Override left dock safeties code Aghanim scepter

    AI:Left bay dock safeties offline

    Thepowdertoy: Overpressurize left bay dock to 20x atmospheric pressure and ready up left thrusters to full power

    AI: Done

    Thepowdertoy: Give me manual control and start counting down to collision

    Then when the enemy ship is approximately 10 meters away from the ship, I press the button that vent the overpressurized left dock door and start the left thrusters, pushing it into right, dodging the ship

    Thepowdertoy: How much time we have left?

    AI: Approximately 2-3 hours before the enemy ship have enough velocity to destroy this ship

    Dota 2 player at SEA server.

    For me nothing is OP. It just a mod for fun and I'm playing it for fun. Unless it created items from nothing. Automining not included, neither do in case of self replicating machine. However GregTech is still good, so:

    GregTech Documentation Task Force Needed!

  • Meanwhile on the Steve homeworld of Minecraftia...**BEGIN TRANSMISSION**
    This is T-10a. we need *clonk* OMFG FTB MODPACK! w00t.
    *installs with whizzing sounds* Done. And I have begun construction of a 'DireWolf, 20th Edition' mecha using RP2 frames and Mininglaserdeployer cannons.
    For now, installing MechaHUD into my Qsuit. So far, I have an awesome bootup sound, and a HUD.

    Mech concept: Sketch

  • She can ram alright, but I can't guarantee the fusors remaining lit. Or the reliability of the teleporter after the power cut. Last time something that large struck the LMS something bad happened. By the way, the idea of using the shield as an EM weapon was scrapped because of space and power requirements. The Americas have that though because they have a fair bit of unused space. Are you sure that the vessel in question isn't one of them? They are a bit prone to doing that. It could also be one of the unidentified craft in the area, many of which seem to be autonomous.

    A Rock Raider trained as an Engineer, among other things.

  • --Beginning Transmission--
    Here is the GregTech mining base 825 in sector...I won't say it, the risk is just too big. We just heard about the bots, when we wanted too have the coordinates for the next prodused materials kitchen, and then heares about the crisis. Give us coordinatea of your base and we will send the materials( More then two stacktls kitchen, and a lot of other too.)
    ---Beginning Transmission---
    Hello, here is everhill city survivora base.
    We got some books from gregtech(a plan from gregtech crashed)which are saying, that this mining base dont exsists.
    We analysed the last transmissions, and it seems like some spambots have a more or less good AI, so beware.
    Also, we got some transmissions from decoded spambot language, and we will be able to build a translater, when we defend us for long enough. And before I forget, the galactical army is a fake, too. A Gregtech science team found out once, that the next lived area is Xen, which is only reachable by lasers.
    BTW: If you have got some soldiers left, you could send them too us via teleporter. Here are actually less attacks, and we may later even by able to send bigger groups of soldiers to other places, but before, we must capture the a. alloy production, for making armors.
    ---Transmission End---

  • --BEGiN TrrrransssssKITCHEN---
    InITIating HYPER drive
    50 MINUTES
    --END TrrransssssssKITCHEN, DERP!!!!--

    CAPTAIN: What the hell is going on at that place?
    PRIVATE: Uhh well the spam bots are taking over their world....
    PRIVATE: Uhhh...Yes sir.....
    COMPUTER: CAPTAIN and COMMANDER of the ARMY Please report to the HEAD NEXUS of XEN
    CAPTAIN and COMMANDER simultaneously:*spits coffee across room* WHAT???

  • ---Begin transmission---
    Help i may have just introduced the spambots to all the resources they want in my dense ores no corruption mining age and they took my only book back can some--- pl-ase h--p m- th-y are using use my ------------ HELP THERE ATTACKING ME WITH QUANTUM ON THEY FOUND A HUGE IRIDIUM VEIN HELP Bzzzzz Thz spmbts seem 2 hve a way to crrupt peepz HELP I thnk they be crrupt me hlp i am turning in to lolllll herp durp i like my new casuc with quad uranium cells and ice (translation these spambots seem to have a way to corrupt people I think they are corrupting me please help i am turning into one random stuff to act like a spambot not actually one)
    ---end transmission---