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  • :thumbsup: Nice job Greg! This addon is hilarious!
    This comment was way back when gregtech only added a lightning rod.
    It's great to see what a serious addon this has grown to.

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  • It looks like lightning rods if spammed, lags alot. (100 lagged me)

    I will decrease the IterateEveryTickToSky-Lag

    the config wont generate if there is a conflicting ID

    Thanks for the Report, the next Version (i will make it Saturday) will be Improved, with an additional GregoriusCore-Mod, which loads the Config for every future GregoriusMod/Addon. The Actual DefaultID is 125.

    Now I see why you didn't ask for your typical two stacks of uu-matter for the blueprint, you thought you could freeload advertisement for GregTech Intergalactical didn't you?

    It will be on every of my Modblocks. :D

    What is the best/maximum number of fences to put on top? I want extreme power!

    Lightningrod on bottom of Map + Skyhigh tower of Fences.
    Formula = LengthOfRod * HeightOfHighestFence > Random.nextInt(Probability)

  • So i made the Mainthread a bit better. Improved the Structure of my Mod, and probably fixed the Configfile-not-showing-BlockIDs-after-IDConflict-Problem.

  • Hurr, i just wanted to use the Oredictionary (from Forge 135 to ensure maximum compatiblity with Mystcraft) and anything Crashes.

    I will add try-catch-statements around the OreDictionarypart and then catch it, by replacing it with the BronzeIngot from the IC2-API.

    Could you pass me the "ForgeModLoader-0.log"? Your Error must be Listed there.

    Edit: fixed probably SpwnX Oredictionaryissue, divided Lag through 200 and tested a bit more.

  • do you really understand what i said? you might understand whose the dumb here.

    I fixed it in V1, so that it reads/writes all the ID's and other Values, then saves the Config, and THEN it loads the Blocks (what will cause the Conflicts).

  • The GregoriusCore_197_V2 crashes my Minecraft if I place it to the mods folder. It blackscreens about a second after the Mojang logo appears. Removing it solves the problem.
    This is what it says on the ForgeModLoader-0.txt:(attachment)

    It happens in the Post-Init-Phase, so it can only be the Recipe-Part (where i use the Forge-Oredictionary from 135...), I will fix that tomorrow after my last Exam for this Semester.

  • you can't. you can only disable the need of thunderstorms.
    to change thunderstorm frequency, you need another mod.

    Thunderstromfrequency would be Basefilemodification, so no.

    I finally fixed the improper use of the Forge-Oredictionary. (hopefully)
    It could also work on SpwnX Version, but i dont know.

  • Just found something strange, i can't connect Iron cables at sides of lightning rod, is it because it has QuadEV, instead of 4 packets of EV?

    Do you really think 8192 EU/t can go into your Steelcable, maybe the Superconductor of Rocketscience, but not the Maximum of 2048 EU/t for Steelcables. try to place 4 additional HV-Transformers around the four Outputsides. The bottom is no valid Outputside, so you can place whatever Electric Block, like the Massfab, under it, without causing it to explode. And the Top is also not Valid for Output (guess why).

    But good to hear, that i finally solved that Problem.

    The Oredictionary of other Forgeversions disliked direct use of Oredictionary.getOres("ingotBronze"), so i had to write a small Orehandler, and registered it with the (actually Depricated, but i need Downwardscompatiblity) MinecraftForge.registerOreHander(), to save all the Ores i need, in it.

  • Updated GregoriusCore to V3b. No need to download the Lightningrod again.

    I just added better (x2) Recipes for Circuits, which are using Silver instead of Redstone, and a RefinedIron using Recipe for the Piston.

    I'm actually working at the GregTower2 and due to the 1.3-Update i will not do much at MC-Coding, until IC² (or IC³) is out for 1.3.1

  • Whenever I start with the core & lightning rod, I get the error: Java.lang.Nosuchmethoderror: ic2.api.Ic2Recipes.AddmatterAmplifier(Laan;1)V at Mod_GregoriusCore.addmodrecipes(mod_gregoriusCore.java:63)

    You have other Mods installed, which corrupt the actual IC²-API. Go into every single Mod (except IC² itself) and delete the "ic2"-Folder inside it.

  • turning off the need for a thunderstorm would make it fire randomlyish during clear skies

    Yes, thats what the config is for. Random Lightning at clear Sky.

    Also curious if you could make a powered cake, which feeds you like a normal cake, but instead of running out of slices requires EU. Like how BTW has powered cake, but functional.(at least I don't think powering cake in BTW makes it not consume slices when you eat it, never was able to test that and can't now)

    If i would make a Powered Cake like in BTW, then i would have to drop anything Forgereleated. :D

  • Seriously, though, a way to generate food with just EU would be nice. Without needing UU-Matter, hopefully.

    The Quantumsuithelmet is the closest to what you want. And isn't Food really abundant, especially with our IC²-Cropsystem? Well, i would more likely make a Foodpowered Generator, before adding Stuff like a powered Cake. :D

  • You have other Mods installed, which corrupt the actual IC²-API. Go into every single Mod (except IC² itself) and delete the "ic2"-Folder inside it.

    Tried this?

    because it's the only thing, which could crash at the post-init-phase of GregoriusCore. (i add a Massfab-Amplifier, which is only in the newest IC²-API)

  • Can you make it so that you can throw lightning rods at mobs, impale them, watch them get struck by lightning, and slowly burn to death?
    (btw i thought of this while trying to shoot endermen with arrows, i just want them to die..)