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  • That's the funny thing with Greg's UI design; a single GUI with different overlays is used for almost all machines, which results in a lot of machines having some number of redundant (but at times hidden) inventory slots.

  • (but at times hidden) inventory slots.

    Bronze machines have hidden slots. How do I know it? They're so slow I wave my mouse around in the GUI while waiting for them to process the stuff, and it took me 5 secs after I built my first macerator to discover this special slot that is hidden by the overlay, but totally here.


    Java script, which happens to be the language in which minecraft is coded

  • Because why should they know, its about GT mechanics, not the port itself.
    what about hatch thing?

    The port even changes some things from the original GT5, so it is better to ask there.

    To answer your question. You have 2 hatches, so you overclock the multiblock. Two MV Energy Hatches in an EBF make it use 480EU/t. With MV that is 4Amp. To use the EBF with only 1Amp/Battery, the multiblock only can have one energy hatch.

  • so you overclock the multiblock

    Sorry, I havent found any info on multiblocks and how e-hatches differ, thats why I asked, thanks for answer.
    So what is the most economical way to use blast furnace in terms of energy consumption? 3 LV hatches?

  • Okay, I get it now

    But at which moment we "overclock" the multiblock? at the moment of structure forming?

    A machine (including the multiblocks) is overclocked any time its getting voltage at a tier higher than required by the working recipe.

    So an EBF smelting aluminium with HV power would be overclocking, since the recipe only requires MV.

    The muliblock itself is never overclocked. All SpwnX was saying was that you may need to combine multiple LV inputs to achieve a single MV input.

  • Thanks, I have it crystal clean now. (wow that worked.)

    By the way, what kind of power generation you guys use in mid-later game when u need ~300-500eu\t ?
    I went to 2 Ic2 nuclear reactors with thorium, its 2x84 and almost eternal, but I think to move to liquid reactor with that larger heat exchanger and turbine. I m quite sure I m doing the right thing, but..never hurts to ask :P

  • By the way, what kind of power generation you guys use in mid-later game when u need ~300-500eu\t ?

    I know it's a bit cheaty but can't do anything about it. So I generally use IC2 big windmills during MV-early HV era.

  • Oh, sorry. I meant electric machines.
    Another question: do the new machines exist in all 5 variants (LV, MV,...,IV) like GT5 ones?
    Or is there one variant that gets overclocked by feeding higher voltage?

  • Wow, I think I really didnt mention that. Yes they will be available in Tiers, even though for now only LV, MV, HV and EV. Well, they aren't Electric, so it isnt Voltage, but the Packet Size thing still exists ofcourse for anything but Heat Units, Redstone Flux, Minecraft Joules or Vis Units. Sooo many things planned...

  • The things in the Changelog are all already there and fully functional. But since I usually do the Patreon Changelog on the 10th of every month and the 10th is tomorrow, I delayed it to then. And since I coincedentially have more time in the evening of tomorrow, I want to use it to add more than just the 3 Machines I already added.