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  • Greg will you add fusion reactor in the future? Fussion reactor was the main reason why I started playing GT and hope that you will add it to GT6 is one of the reasons why I still keep it in my modpack (my friends hate it and are trying to convince me to get rid of it all the time xD).

  • Greg, don't you want to change your high-speed tracks to rather use stone (or concrete) railbeds instead of wooden ones? Railcraft's reinforced track uses stone ones and is just 1,25x speed, I think it would be nice to have more durable and robust tracks to use more durable materials :)

  • found something that confuses me a little:

    correct me if I am mistaken somewhere:

    dynamo: EU/RU = 3/4 (LV-Dynamo: 24EU/32RU = 3/4)

    turbine: RU/Steam = 1/3 (Invar-Turbine: 32RU/96Steam = 1/3)

    so if I want to output 32EU: 32EU/x = 3/4 -> x = 32EU * 4/3 = (42 + 2/3)RU (42.666666...)

    If I want to know how much Steam I need: (42 + 2/3)RU/y = 1/3 -> y = (42 + 2/3)RU * 3 = 128 Steam

    so I thought if I use a Dense-Invar-Burning Box and Strong-Lead-Boiler I get exactly 32 EU.

    Ok, now I want to power an LV-Electrolyser with 64EU.

    I Simply built this Setup twice and connected it with a LV-Battery-Box on the bottom of the electrolyser

    And here comes my problem:

    With one battery and 1 boiler running the system is not working / the electrolyzer goes on and off all the time.

    With both boilers and both batteries (for 64EU) it is also not running (surprise)

    so I charged the batteries somewhere else and put them in. The System is now running but the batteries are slowly losing charge.

    can somebody tell me if my math is off somewhere or do I have an energy lose somewhere?

    Ps: Pictures of my setup in the attachments.

  • Even the slightest loss or flickering can cause Issues if you don't have a sufficient Buffer. In case of the Electrolyzer you don't need to be afraid of overamperage, only overvoltage makes problems, so maybe a 3rd Battery helps.

  • hmmm even with a third battery are they losing their charge slowly.

    guess I have to build a little LV-Battery-Box tower and charge them all up and live with it, that they are losing their energy.

  • Vazkii wrote:

    // Greg.
    // I get what you do when
    // others say it's a grind.
    // But take your TE ores
    // and stick them in your behind.

    -on making the Orechid work with GT ores.

  • Lol tell Vazkii, that there is no other solution to the problem, since the amount of possible Block IDs is way too limited for my Ores and would take way more than just 4096 IDs + Metadata to work. :P

  • the amount of minimum IDs required JUST FOR THE ACTUALLY GENERATED ORES is 128x109/16 = 872, that is already a fifth of all available Block IDs and I even used MetaData to make that number smaller by /16

  • Lol tell Vazkii, that there is no other solution to the problem, since the amount of possible Block IDs is way too limited for my Ores and would take way more than just 4096 IDs + Metadata to work. :P

    Yeah lol we had this discussion on Reddit a few days ago. Someone said you needed to cut back on the ores and asked if you really needed an ore for every material. I called that person a heretic.

  • Hello Greg.. I have some kind of bug with hopper. I have small cactus farm and (any) hopper connected to furnace with output set to 8 (coal smelt). Every single piece of cactus will fill one slot in hopper without stacking itself and another one will not been sucked from world. Its mean, Hopper never send 8pcs of cactus to furnace.. Even if i use hopper with more than 8 INV slots.
    GT 6.03.19

  • Lol, I won't change my Ores, and the only solution that would enable me to shrink it down to 24 IDs (if I went just with the Ores generated by default GT) wouldn't work on granite ores and such due to Forge being stupid on Block Harvest Levels, so it has to be 109 IDs, aka 2-3 IDs per Stone Type, and then it's more efficient to just allow all the Materials.

  • Hey Greg, I really think we need to get those steam pressure release valves. Like, right now. After losing damn near everything for the fourth time for no apparent reason, i've just found my will to keep playing drained to nil. Until they're in, it just doesn't seem I can find this fun anymore. I don't mind a challenge but.. when things keep blowing up for no reason after having been stable, I just don't have fun anymore. Bear says that pipes are just broken and won't reliably carry steam and that the only option is a seperate boiler for each and every machine with no pipes. Xarses said he refuses to build GT steam machines for that reason. It seems it's really turning folks off.

    I don't know whether you care about my opinion, prolly not, but I just wanted to report that i'm finding it unplayable without some basic safety measures. Do what you will.

    I'm gonna reboot the old GT5 server and play that for a while. Folks have been pestering me to.


    Quoted from "zorn":
    People can't handle losing. Lots of new games are like this. My son's Lego games? You die and respawn on the spot, just lose a bit of money. It's made so that anyone can win, even the worst players. Like TE, or EU. They say that IC2 is 'keeping them from moving on' but can never say what that is. In reality they just failed, blew up a bunch of stuff, and their fragile egos couldn't take it so they gravitate towards mods designed to guarantee that you succeed.

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