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  • Hey guys, tell me plz, in last patch Greg disabled all IC2 eu generators, including nuclear. So, if i play clean greg (+railcraft), what is my options? Coal-steam-dynamo and solar, that`s it?

  • he is adding IC2 generator recipes next update, I brought that up to him on IRC already. so yes at this point those are your choices. but remember GT6 is still in alpha and things will be missing or tech tree will change, I been at this for a year trying to do everything as GT as possible and running into these gaps, sometime ya just gotta break down and use something else for a while, or unlock the IC2 machines with the rule that you only use the generators.

  • Stop being a reminder of why I've made two article edits in the last month and a half...

    ... Including the fact that I have yet to see an article of yours I don't have some complaint about

  • Ok first batch of changes published. I've reworked almost everything up until the hazmat. Some obsolete stuff (Copper giving Cobalt-60 in cauldron, for instance), some stuff missing (sharpener, mixer) and lots of caveats, gotchas and general explanations around smelting (maybe I should transfer these in the Crucible page ?).

    Welp, now I got to write about Steam and Machines. That's going to be...fun

  • I burned some wooden things (sawdust, planks, sticks, logs) in a burning box. Majority of my tests say that 1 unit of wood = 2500 HU. So it's better to not make planks from logs, because 1 log is 8 units, 1 plank is 1 unit. Intended?

  • Behold the Greg Army Knife!

    ... Also


    [CHANGED] Instead of disabling IC2 Recipes there are now harder Versions of them.

    And so we return to the (semi-)original purpose of GregTech: Gregging IndustrialCraft. HAYO!

  • Random thoughts:
    1) What about thermometer (or similar sensor) being able to detect how much HU is in things like Boilers? Now anything can detect it (if I looked through everything correctly), so it ends up I can have empty Boiler (no water, no steam), burning box going on full speed under it, but boiler is still same for all detectors. Thermometer still shows same temperature, etc. Even though it is bad practise to keep boiler empty, yet there is no legit way to get "how hot the boiler is".

    2) What about GT harvesters again, performing harvesting right-click on block in front(or around)? So it is compatible with IC2 crops, Pams crops, etc etc. Possible switching mode to "destroy-click", for vanilla/nonrightclickable crops? Probably running on electricity, using robot arms, and so :) maybe harvesting 3*3 area (so all 8 blocks around them)

    Also I found out that Measuring Pot cannot interact with Fluid Burning box, at least I tried BC Fuel. One can have it in the pot, but not input it into box. Same thing with buckets (but there I can imagine why, because they cannot deal with not-full-bucket-volume), so only Universal cells are working. I would vote to enable Measuring pots, too, though :)

  • What about advanced thermometer, weight-o-meter and anything-o-meterer with two displays instead of one. First one with current value and second one with (condition test) like is more than x, is less than x, is equal x etc.. it is really annoying have 3 therometers on one crucible.. one for current temperatue, second one for both temperature (RS signal if temperature reach spec value) and third one for upper temp. (push block with piston on front of Burning box).. there is one spot left for mold.

  • Stop bitching about lack of facings on a Crucible and just use Extenders to increase the amount of Facings, it is that simple. I made Extenders for a reason and that reason is definitely not "to be unused"

    For the Universal Cells, those actively push Fluids inside Tanks, the Burning Box itself actually does NOT accept Fluid Containers.

  • Added a lot of content on the wiki again, so many mistakes to fix but didn't have time before going home.
    I will make corrections this week-end, but I have a Steel Turbine to make first :3

  • Stop bitching about lack of facings on a Crucible and just use Extenders to increase the amount of Facings, it is that simple. I made Extenders for a reason and that reason is definitely not "to be unused"

    I always thought of extenders work only with the machines.. thanks for advice. GT6 attract me more and more..

  • One stupid question:
    "Mobs cannot spawn on this block" - does it also apply for Villager's golems and newly spawned villagers? I guess yes, but isn't it pity to want exclude those blocks from building material for fancy villager towns? :)

  • Extenders work on EVERYTHING*, even Blocks of other Mods (* = you cannot put Extenders into a chain, since they don't connect to each other)

    And I disallow all Mobs from spawning, because that is required for it to work properly. Imagine an Iron Golem spawning on your Railway because of that lack of Mob coverage. Make yourself a special Area where the Golems can spawn, that is totally lit up and everything, if you need that. ;)

  • Ok, thanks for clarification, I was expecting that for that reasons :)
    Well, completely lit rooms are good, except that vanilla allows zombies spawn on that, too. It is called "Village sieges" (or something like that), kinda rare, but then they ignore light completely and spawn in big groups around villagers. So I see it as "if golems can spawn, also zombies". Well, we will deal with that, I guess :)

    (Maybe you also can add later some entity-type selectable Tesla coil, that aspect of IC2 is kinda....forgotten xD )

  • Aaaaand I'm done wiki-side. Phew !
    I'll add some stuff about electricity when I'll have more experience with it but in the meantime I'll focus on minor edits, phrasing, grammar and such.

    By the way I changed the Steam tutorial from the Squeezer/Coagulator to a more simple machine, the Automatic Hammer because it made more sense: making rubber for a HazMat (or an IC2 Generator with the previous recipe) should not be the first task when getting to Steam...and the Automatic Hammer is easy to make and only of use until the Crusher so it's perfect as tutorial material.

    I'll don a burial for my old IC2 machines, illegitimately obtained through what seems to have been really dirty easy recipes.
    Only friends and family are invited, I want to keep this small and private.