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  • It's way cheaper and doesn't need as many Machines to be made. Also it looks way smoother and not like Tiles. Sometimes I don't make things to give them advantages, its sometimes just about filling a tiny nieche in the System. And what better way than to reintroduce the most commonly used IRL Building Material into GT6?

  • hey guys looking for some advice to upgrade my machine builds. currently been using the strong bronze steam/ steel turbine-bronze machine setup, or brass steam engine if that is what the machine requires. what is the best way to build the higher tier machines while still only using one steam boiler/burning box? if i want to use, let's say the strong tungsten engine with a steam requirement of 882, will the strong titanium steam boiler at an output of 896 explode as it is producing slightly more steam than is required?

  • Why stick to one boiler? When I last got up to needing enough steam to power a steel turbine, I stuck with 3 dense invar burning boxes with dense lead boilers.

    it would require me to completely overhaul my entire base setup. i'm mostly just looking to see if it's possible to upgrade my current setup without changing everything about my base. i know for my turbines i can do a direct titanium/ chromium setup and upgrade to the 256 output, but i want to know if i can go over that threshhold without using multiple boilers, and also looking to see if i supply slightly more steam to a machine than its input if it would explode

  • Well, the machine won't explode, but it will overload and shut down until you stop everything and start over. That's the problem with trying to run steam machines at the very limit of their capacity.

  • Dolamide gives Astatine ( among other things ) as a byproduct ( while being useless itself? ), but searching for Astatine in NEI finds only the material book on it, despite there being ingots, plates, etc. What's up with that?

  • Hidden; as in it does not show up. Search for Astatine in NEI and you will not see the ingots or plates etc that can be made from it. Search for the use of dolamide though, and you can follow the chain from there down through the crucible to ingots and then plates and such.