[Addon v1.112]F4113nC0r3v4.0.5

  • i've tried re-downloading the core 3 times and still same issue. dunno if im installing it wrong i just throw everything in the zip into my .jar .

  • Just download installed only find image icon for mods does not work alls white square with small black square. Tried all think which updated forge version latest and get rid all mod not need for it to run and still have same issued. Which make wonder anyone else get this issued? oops wrong trhead

  • any chance you can update it to forge 303? Its the latest stable build
    and i cant really downgrade cause it will break some of my mods. Im only
    asking cause i would really love to implement your bio materials but am
    unable to due to the core not working with latest recommended forge

  • Got a quick question, does this need ic2 code? I've been seeing a few things like audiosource and references to the main IC2 class, and am wondering if I should just make some dummy classes to trick stuff into compiling

  • Server Crash Log:

    Further Infos:

    Can you give any information on when you will have fixed this error? I would like to use this mod on a server.