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    Another bug with the vajera's accurate mode, you can break blocks that are protected on a server (using bukkit worldguard) and also blocks destroyed in accurate mode aren't logged. Are you skipping a call with the accurate mode or doing something weird? This probably has to do with the packet kick error above.

    what settings were you using on the loaders?

    that spawner texture, swear I've seen that before

    Inside the Semi Fluid Generator!?! that thing is for BURNING dense Liquids, not for whatever produces Energy from Quicksilver inside these dang Batteries.

    If thats the Case then there will be Problems with other Coal-using Mods (didnt test it until now). Are you sure its not just a NBT-Tag?

    err yea its nbt. (all sounds the same to me :P)
    he said he tested it w/ other mods.

    GregoriusT wrote:

    I draw them as soon as I need them, as most of my Ideas are getting implemented directly, including the Textures, and since my Addon adds so much Stuff every major Update its quite impossible to make Texturepacks.

    There are some pink Fields next to the Generators and above the Superconductor Wire. I use these only for Machine Textures, so you could make a Default Texture for them, which is not just ugly Pink. I know Texture-Pack-Makers have a hard time with my often updating Addon. I apologize for that.

    I wouldnt say impossible, but a major pita.

    Merry Xmas!
    Thanks for the update!

    Unknown Ores + Unknown "Thingys":
    Think its all xycraft

    Yeah, thats much easier with the new TUBEFRAMES. Or the CABLEFRAMES, or the REDSTONETUBEFRAMES. Just build a Drillhead and move forwards, without having to shake the Drillhead everytime you wanna go forward, and it solves any Gravel/Sand Problems, with the old Designs. (I got all the Information from Dires SMP LP)

    definitely. arguably too easy
    Doesn't even require insane logic anymore :(
    Just a caterpillar drive and a timer...