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    Another bug with the vajera's accurate mode, you can break blocks that are protected on a server (using bukkit worldguard) and also blocks destroyed in accurate mode aren't logged. Are you skipping a call with the accurate mode or doing something weird? This probably has to do with the packet kick error above.

    Quote from GregoriusT

    I draw them as soon as I need them, as most of my Ideas are getting implemented directly, including the Textures, and since my Addon adds so much Stuff every major Update its quite impossible to make Texturepacks.

    There are some pink Fields next to the Generators and above the Superconductor Wire. I use these only for Machine Textures, so you could make a Default Texture for them, which is not just ugly Pink. I know Texture-Pack-Makers have a hard time with my often updating Addon. I apologize for that.

    I wouldnt say impossible, but a major pita.

    Merry Xmas!
    Thanks for the update!

    Unknown Ores + Unknown "Thingys":
    Think its all xycraft

    Yeah, thats much easier with the new TUBEFRAMES. Or the CABLEFRAMES, or the REDSTONETUBEFRAMES. Just build a Drillhead and move forwards, without having to shake the Drillhead everytime you wanna go forward, and it solves any Gravel/Sand Problems, with the old Designs. (I got all the Information from Dires SMP LP)

    definitely. arguably too easy
    Doesn't even require insane logic anymore :(
    Just a caterpillar drive and a timer...

    I plan to add different modes, but not silk touch and wrench. The principle of work doesn't mean accurate removal of the block. Silk touch is in the RockCutter at GregoriusT addon. It's work perfectly :)

    I need modes so bad :P
    Imho you still have to carry a drill around even with the vajera simply because it works too well and will break everything. I'd love a 1 block per click mode.

    Happens to the sign too.I know how I caused the problem. I used covert jaguar's track relayer to switch some normal rail to high speed. When I unload the chunk and come back the sign has lost its text and orientation, the rails have reverted to their original track before I had changed them to High Speed and your machine and the accelerator are oriented wrong. So it seems its loading the chunk from a "cache" and not the actual save files. When I come back to the improper chunk and save then reload it fixes everything. I'll talk to CJ about it.

    edit: so it seems like its a forge bug...

    If you're referring to using a wrench on it, that's a limitation of IC2 1.109. Supposedly, RichardG was going to add an API for getting the correct block with a wrench, but I haven't checked yet to see if that happened by 1.110.

    Sounds like a deficiency in the orientation-sending. Do you see the same problem with LiquidUU? Narc's using a similar method to mine (vice-versa, actually), so that'd be useful information.

    By unplugging I meant breaking the cable. If you break the cable going to it (it runs out of power) while its processing the animation never stops on the block.

    As for the orientation yes the bug also happens with liquidUU. It only happens with the library, the seed analyzer maintains proper facing though. The liquidUU accelerator switches orientations.
    It seems to be unreproducible in other worlds though...

    Hey the fm_seedmanager_anim.png isn't being pulled from hd texture packs.
    edit: seems they just didnt reload with f3+t it works still :D

    Also a bug if you unplug the scanner mid operation the animation will never stop.
    Also I swear to god the seed database thing keeps switching orientations on me. (confirmed, go a long distance away so its chunk unloads and it will change orientations, upon saving and loading with the chunk loaded it stays oriented correctly though).

    Also the texture pack for sphax is updated.