I want to extract and compress zombie meat to gain leather.

  • Ooh! Ooh! Purified flesh would be edible without food poisoning thing, and would be allowed in canners instead of normal flesh.

    Haikus are poems

    They don't always make sense


  • Still will be cannibalism...

    Can you prove without a doubt that zombies are remnant Steves? For all we know they are from the same place that abnormally large spiders, reanimated skeletons (that mysteriously always have bows and arrows), and exploding green penises come from, therefore you cannot prove 100% that it is cannibalism, at least unless it's from the new zombie villagers. In conclusion, in minecraft at least until IC2 updates to a version with zombie villagers, food is food, therefore I should be able to can and eat anything I come across without repercussion for my (somewhat cannibalistic) eating habits (it will just be socially unacceptable to do so)

    Is the answer to this question no?


    Hey don't take it so hard. Ignorance is part of this generation it seems. -the wise words of XFmax-o-l

  • Can you prove without a doubt that zombies are remnant Steves?

    1. Villagers become zombies.
    2. Look at clothes.
    3. I know they are sapient. I use their brains.

    And I know it is Rotten even if it canned. It is "socially unacceptable" for me.
    If you ignore real life associations why you press those buttons?