Suggestion: Machine Sapper

  • The Sapper would be a small object that would resemble a metal button, that could be placed on cables or machines. It would be crafted with a RE battery, a advanced circuit, 4 HV cables, and capped with one piece of advanced alloy. Placing it would charge the battery, and when the battery is filled it will deliver a single pulse of EV. All other Sapper suggestions were for q suits, so I hope this is original.

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  • Blu Spy Sappin' mah Macerator! So is this meant to be a suggestion for Industrial conflict or actual Industrial craft? If it's actual Industrial craft, most servers aren't PVP so I'm not certain there would be use outside of a few servers

    Is the answer to this question no?


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  • Isn't TNT just more useful for that?

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  • If it sends out a single pulse of EV then this could easily be remedied, build a separate line with a HV transformer and an mfsu.
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  • [innergriefer] More effective method for now. Mfsu slammed on top of an inconspicuous wire and a Lapotron crystal goes in and HAYO! ALl connected machines are gone! [/innergriefer]

  • Or just plant a nuke. Hell, you can even replace one of the victim's hidden wires with a detector cable and put the nuke next to that so that it waits before he uses a machine before detonating.

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