[Addon 1.115] QuantumPack 1.10

  • License:
    This addon is provided 'as is' without any warranty. The owner of this addon is not responsible for any harm that can occur from using of this addon. You use it at you own risk.

    This addon brings several quantum energy storages.

    *** All recipes will try to use plates/ingots from OreDictionary if available (notice primarily for GregTech users)

    Statement for modpacks: you are free to include this addon into modpacks.

    DropBox mirror (includes previous versions)

  • this is awesome mod, i use him for my miner with industrial craft , thanky you friend

    Maybe you make more useful items for minecraft :D

  • its still pretty good its cheaper than the lapotronpack and ultimate lappack, so its kinda like a middle tier

    :whistling: + :Reactor: = :Nuke TNT:

  • Cheaper than the ultimate Lappack? I doubt that as it costs 3 Ir-Plates while the ultimate lappack costs just a few Lapotrons and a Superconductor.

    But my Lapotronpack is indeed much more expensive.

  • It's cheap and easy recipe but who cares? This guys mod maybe he wants a carebear version of this. Not everyone players like everyone else. I will never use this in a million years but that's fine :)

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  • Waiting until tech tree that it can charge will be updated ,so it can charge laser and osmium tools (from advansed alloys mod) :whistling:

    hehehe i see what you did there ;) it should charge the drill if it uses the api right

    Edit: yeah just tested it then, my tools are tier 2 the pack only charges tier 1 stuff might wanna make it a tier 2 thing to charge laser and my drill :) oh and nice work :)

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  • Thanks for this!
    An advanced version of the LapPack was the only reason for me to use Gravi Suite in MC 1.2.5 .
    And since Gravi Suite is still not out for 1.3.2 this is veeeeery useful :)

  • I have a problem with automatic tier change, which was impossible to implement with the current version of the engine. Maybe I'm try some time later with new engine version, maybe I was not enough looking ... in any case, I decided to:
    - decrease capacity to 1 200 000 eU (equal to 4x LapPack), from my expirience it should be enough to 99% tasks, and it will be not so god-like;
    - increase trasfer rate to 1000 eU/t (also 4x LapPack rate), now it's inherited from QuantumSuit Armor;
    - assign a tier 3, so it can be charged / discharged only in MFSU, also inherited from QuantumSuit Armor;
    - leave only one recipe and remove transformers from it;
    - tooltip text now will be the same color as QuantumSuit Armor;
    Generally comes simply tier 3 backpack which, from my sight, looks better balanced.
    I upload version 1.01 very soon.

  • nice) now i can carry on only 1 backback not 5 like i used to :thumbsup: and it works with all things)

  • Now this mod is nice, quantum battery is very good idea, thank you

    It's a bit like cheating, however, because it's done for powering miner via portable source of EU what is a PURPOSE. Anyway, it's not annoying, since this is an addon. And it's not as much OP as Compact Solars/Advanced Solar Pannels.

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D