Request to implement IC2 API

  • Greetings IC2 community, and anyone else who reads this. My name is Aidan, I've been into the modding, well, 'business' for about one and a half years now. My latest goal has been allowing compatibility between different major mods, and because of this the IC2 API came into my mind. Below is a quickly-put-together list of requests I hope Alblaka will accept.

    *I have the right to compile, package, and distribute the IndustrialCraft2 API in my mod.
    *I have the right to include the IndustrialCraft API source with my mod's on a public GitHub repo, for Jenkins building reasons.
    *I have the right to use links when distributing my mod.
    *I have the right to freely use the API to my liking. Details:

    • In my mod, I have a similar form of dust usage. As my mod also includes Gold and Iron Dust, I have the right to, when IC2 is installed, use it's Gold and Iron Dust instead of my mod's.
    • I have the right to use IC2 batteries and cables to power my machines.
    • I have the right to let my energy storing items and blocks work with IC2 batteries and cables.
    • All the uses I have for now, hopefully there are no restrictions either here or in other features of the API.

    Also, I was curious if this would technically make my mod a specific IC2 addon, and if so, what restrictions there are. Does it mean I can't distribute my mod anywhere else, or just that I have the right to post it in the addons board? I want my mod to be a standalone Minecraft modification that doesn't require anything other than Forge.

    I have to be honest, I picked up the API a few weeks back without reading the terms and conditions. I only just looked over them, and I wanted to clarify to make sure I don't get into any longterm trouble. My mod does not include any of IC2's source code, everything has been written by me. I hope you accept this, and that I haven't caused any problems by using this API without your permission. I will remove it immediately if for some reason you do not approve.

    Thank you again,

  • Just curious if anyone has had a chance to look over this. I'm rather anxious to continue development with the IndustrialCraft API.

  • Thanks for your responses. However, there are a few things in the guidelines that I would like to clarify.

    In the first guideline, it says I cannot post the mod anywhere other than this forum without permission of the IC2 team. I would be posting this on MinecraftForum and Planet Minecraft.

    In the fifth guideline, it says I cannot receive any financial revenue, such as, with my mod. I would be using links for the mod, and it would be bundled with the IC2 API.

    As for Greg, thanks for your response, and the reason I need the API is so that my machines and/or power source units can both output and input IC2 energy.



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    The point is to differentiate between an Addon, which is reliant on IC, and a full mod, which merely uses the API.
    Former ones are limited by the restrictions already mentioned in here. Latter are not subject to those rules.

    Though mentioning where the IC API comes from would be well appreciated (aka credits/backlinks).