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  • The IC2 api is the EASIEST to setup! You don't even need to attach a source. Anyway,

    1. Go to the jenkins
    2. Download "industrialcraft-2-2.XXX-experimental-dev.jar" (make SURE it's dev)
    3. Goto where your forge folder is. Then go to the eclipse folder, then the mod folder.
    4. Place the "industrialcraft-2-2.XXX-experimental-dev.jar" file in that folder.
    5. Startup eclipse.
    6. In the package explorer, right click on "Referenced libraries". Then go to build path, and configurate build path.
    7. A window should pop up. Click on "add jar".
    8. Find where the "industrialcraft-2-2.XXX-experimental-dev.jar" file is. It should be under minecraft/eclipse/mods. Click on it, then click ok. Then click the next ok.
    9. Now you can refer to the IC2 code in almost the same way as referring to forge is! However, you cannot view anything outside of the API. If you need help with the API, feel free to look at open-sourced examples, like the advanced machines addon, nuclear control (me!), etc. If those don't help you much, feel free to ask Thunderdark, Player, or even me if it's something basic.

    Hope I explained it fine ^^

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  • You forgot the part where you extract that library file for IC2. ^^

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