[1.4.2] Open Beta v1.108

  • i dont know if anyone has posted this yet but industrial tnt does not work it goes off but it doesnt destroy any blocks.

    Signed: fellow minecrafter :)

    Are you sure? It's working fine for me

    Is the answer to this question no?


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  • Updated to 1.108.59, update I felt the need to push (I don't know why) - fixes creative categories, fixes the beta book popping up every time and adds missing BuildCraft facades for ore storage blocks (untested).

  • So Nightvision Goggles cause blindness. Seems legit.

    Also, the forward momentum gain when running and jumping in quantum armor seems much more pronounced than before. Not sure if intended or not.

  • Sunburns

    yes the sun burn, but overexposure of light make you blindness ( if you have the nightvision)

    tested with IC2 1.108.58

    1)The nightvision dont work in situation of darkness (only work with the time of minecraft ) intended ?

    2) i some case you can really blind for few second

    3) you take the effect if nightvision infinite when you remove the googgles (change day/night)

    4) (- Removed particles for the Hazmat Suit and Nightvision Goggles potion effects-) i can see that effect (is normal or i have something wrong )

    Strange behavior of the nightvision http://youtu.be/MIA52uvF8pw

  • The nightvision effect should be removed when player removes the googles. the wobbling/blinking thingy it makes when the duration ends is annoying.

  • http://pastebin.com/MTM7Q2gU
    I still get a Crash log, and i'm using latest Forge

    This looks like a Forge issue and not like an IC2 issue. Please try the following:
    1. In your .minecraft directory there is a lib directory (C:\Users\Andy\Documents\MultiMC 4.0\instances\1.4.2 Mod collection\.minecraft\lib). Delete this lib directory.
    2. Start Minecraft.

    Forge will now re-download all libs and probably correct the issue.

  • they does not work as intended, providing both effects and leaving permanent infravision or blindness at random, will check code later.

    checking daytime and skylight casting every tick definely NOT RIGHT, it shoud check once per multiple seconds for light level of blocks containing player.

    in most cases this is air block at players head, if light level higher then 4 it shoud cast blindness, if not, infravision. Both effects shoud be as long as tickrate, this will provide smooth realistic effect.

  • Erm... Well. I are too lazy to read whole topic (despite there are only 6 pages), and i dunno, has it already mentioned or not...

    Does quanto-suite fully defend only players? Cuz I equipped zombie with it, and slain him. Normally, it is impossible (to slain player in quantosuite, sure), so I thought that it's just a bug... Or is it a feature? And will I have personal zombie-guardians in quantosuits?

    P.S.: sorry for my imperfect English. And bad Russian accent, lawl

  • Zombies with quantum are vulnerable because they haven't been adapted to use specialarmor yet.

    I don't understand the deal with negative-damage rubber boots - do they damage backwards? Hit the maximum and then start going backwards?