Removing blocks from game

  • How can I remove blocks I don't want in the game. I am asking here because IC2 adds blocks to the game and figure someone would know how to delete them.

  • Download MCedit, follow instructions by SpwnX in this thread

    Is the answer to this question no?


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  • You're about half a mile offtopic here, but I'm feeling nice today.

    It's hard to tell exactly what you want. Do you want to remove them from being available (i.e. remove the mod), remove them from a world and leave air, or replace them (in a world) with some other block?

    For the first one, just remove your mod from mods/. For the second, remove the mod, backup your world (make a copy of its directory in .minecraft/saves), and load the world in Minecraft; that should handle it for any blocks near you. The last case is the only one where you need an editor of some form (like MCedit).

    For future reference, don't test mods in a world you care about. Things go wrong in development, and some of them can utterly destroy large portions of the world you're using.

  • You really just have to learn to deal with them, try not leaving empty crop sticks.

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