How to make a box of (almost)infinite energy

  • Step 1: Install In-Game NBTEdit.(Here)
    Step 2: Make sure you're in creative mode and cheats are enabled.(or you have admin powers)

    Step 3: Place down an MFSU, this will be your box of infinite energy.
    Step 4: While looking at the MFSU, type in /nbtedit.
    Step 5: Click the arrow next to ROOT, click the word energy, then click the I icon at the top.
    Step 6: Type in 1,999,999,999(No commas) then click save twice.
    Step 7: Enjoy 2 billion EU :D

    Note: This may not be too useful in creative mode as you can easily set up compact solar panels but this is still awesome.
    Note 2: This works with anything that can store EU.

  • I think this is just for testing electrical stuff, like some suggestion of infinite battery box, not to cheat energy in survival

    Dota 2 player at SEA server.

    For me nothing is OP. It just a mod for fun and I'm playing it for fun. Unless it created items from nothing. Automining not included, neither do in case of self replicating machine. However GregTech is still good, so:

    GregTech Documentation Task Force Needed!

  • Or you could build yourself a nether power plant to power your centrifuges.
    Create a self-refuelling nuclear reactor to power that massfab.
    Get a windmill tower to charge you lapotrons so your miners can dig for you.

    You know, you could just play the game instead of using cheap tricks and be like HoHoHo! I got so many eu that I can do nothing with because game insight.

    On the other hand, it's a nice find for people wanting to do simple tests or spotlights or whatever, but for general playstyle it's not only cheatish, it's also more of burden than spawning it yourself.


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    set charge negative...

    also there is config option for generators, set watermill rate to 9999999 and enjoy infite power source.

    Yea, enjoy all your cables/machines/storage boxes melting/blowing up due overvoltage. (Actually GregTech cable can handle that voltage... then you use supercondensators to get energy back to normal voltage)